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  1. Iron Warriors - Balkans on Fire

    @ 33LIMA: FYI, I tried the game just yesterday after leaving it alone for a bit, and, Voilà, it works! Do I know why it works now, but not the half-dozen+ times before? NO. Do I care? NO. So, there you have it! I appreciate your multiple replies on troubleshooting the probs, truly do. Now, to try the mission you were discussing, above......FINALLY.
  2. Iron Warriors - Balkans on Fire

    Thanks for your response/encouragement. It's really peculiar to me, though, that the Demo works perfectly fine, but the Game itself keeps blowing up, all with the exact same PC/video setup. Oh, well......thx, anyways.
  3. Iron Warriors - Balkans on Fire

    @ 33LIMA, can you tell me if you had any problems getting from the opening mission screens to actually playing the game? Every time I click Play to go from the Map/Briefing to the game, it blows up with "Unknown Error". From what I can gather from the Battlefront and Steam forums this is quite common. Any ideas how you navigated past that situation?
  4. First, thanks for a extremely interesting Campaign! Unfortunately, I am playing a run from the Cuban perspective in the MiG-19s, but no enemy aircraft is showing up on the Map in the course of a Mission. Is there a setting I've missed or need to set to get these to appear?
  5. This seems to be as good as your work with the SF2I tiles, thanks! BTW Will you be doing likewise with either the China or Burma terrains?
  6. How do we get access to the basic CH-47 mod? I've joined the A-Team Skunkworks forums but not sure wjat to do from there. Thanks!
  7. IAF F-16C/D/I by The Viper Team

    Having a problem setting up a custom Strike mission for the F16i, as it appears most of the ordnance is not available. Are these available in other F16 aircraft created by the Viper Team? For example, neither the GBU-10D nor the AIM-120B appear as loaded or as options to select for loading.

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