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  1. Afghanistan Jalalabad Road1987

    Excellent and very beautiful! Please add MiG-23 so we can fly against Pakistan F-16! :D
  2. Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

    Plane fixes.rar
  3. Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

    I hope this will help for Harriers going in left side: https://mega.nz/#!LJ9WzTJL!6EX6Zsbma9X8IPcSuIL2NQ7WSHvL5ygbUf2e5R-Cvfw Falkland 1982 - Harriers Fix.rar
  4. You are getting off the subject mate, so there's no need to upset yourself. I just said what I know and that's MiG-29 were NOT used over Croatia, only MiG-21s, Super Galeb and Jastreb school planes...that's about it. Also there were not any dogfights over Croatia in war time.
  5. Stipe, if you didn't know, this isn't 1991, war is over. If Serbia or Yugoslavia if you more like didn't use MiG-29 in war period I can't see why they would use it now, also I really can't see why Serbia would attack Croatia today or Croatia Serbia. That war era came to an end, I mean about war between your two unfortunately brother nations. Reason why Croatia need to buy a new plane is not to pay Italy or Hungary to guard you air space, there isn't other reason...

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