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  1. Gents, I'm no where close to an expert on SF2 and sometimes I get stumped..... Recently after downloading the Falklands campain I noticed "red air" icons (as I like to call them) are no longer showing up on the map view. Went through and through my settings and found nothing. Anyone ran into this before? As in the past, any and all help is greatly appreciated!!! Regards, -Harbs
  2. Sorry folks, I just don't know what the "DAT site" means. I've googled it, no joy. Any help? Regards, Mark (HerkDriverJ)
  3. Menrva, Well, that did the trick. Thanks so much for the help. It was driving me crazy. But turned out, like you said, to be a very easy fix. Thanks again, Mark
  4. Folks, Please forgive my ignorance. But what am I missing here? Several terrain/maps I've downloaded are missing runway and taxiway environments. It's several different maps so it's something I'm doing wrong. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Mark (HerkDriverJ)
  5. SU-37 Flanker-F

  6. Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018)

    This is awesome! Great Job. Quick question....I think I might be missing something. Some of the airfields have no runway, just dirt. Another one of my terrains is the same, desert 4.0....so I think I might be missing something. Anyone else having/or had this issue? Any thoughts?
  7. C-130 Hercules Superpack

    Great Job Dels!
  8. porschefan, I'm having the exact same problem. But I have zero idea about wrench's "1 click restore ini" procedure..... I have no idea where 'sf2 kb somwhere' means.... Please forgive my ignorance....
  9. CF-205 Super Arrow

    Mirage 2000D?
  10. 'What if' F-106A 'Extended Service' Skin pack

    Nice Work. One recommendation, for an extended service '6' I would definitely recommend the bubble canopy the '6's had through the late 70s into the late 80s.
  11. No surprise- Another Intercept!

    B-52s never used for patrol. EP-3s, EP-8s, RC-135s, etc.... also, "did the Soviets ever send fighters out "as 'far out as 200 miles'" to escort them?"............Soviets couldn't shoot move and communicate effectively that far. We're sending them a message, 'we saw you start your engines fool.'
  12. Recently downloaded The Viper Team's F-16 Block 25/30. Phenomenal Mod and having a great time with it. However, can't seem to get the decal folder to show up on the F-16s. So in other words, no tail codes, aircraft serial numbers, etc... showing up. I included a pic of the issue. Any thoughts? Please disregard. I figured it out. Let's just attribute this to me being a 'newb'!
  13. That did the trick. More than appreciated Eole2! Danke!
  14. Downloading the F/A-18 Hornets packs in the download section on Combat ace. Completely downloading ok, but showing up on my on my desktop as a blank sheet. As if my system doesn't recognize what it just downloaded. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

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