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  1. SF2:E F-86F-40 Sabre, USAFE Skin Pak Part 3

  2. SF2 F-86F-40 Sabre, USAFE Part 1 Fix-It Skin Pak

  3. While the map itself can be interesting ( all maps are interesting at some point) but I do not see much potential use of it. Current conflict? Generally one side air superiority. Running missions against ground targets? Only? I can understand that some of CAusers can be hyper about flying Russian Su against ground targets...but I think with this game engine - this can be boring after a while. And yes there can be What If campaign. But for that, there are many other interesting parts of the world that can be used...and at this point, the topic can transform into a wish list...
  4. UZR-60 УЗР-60 UZR-73 УЗР-73 someone was working on UZR-60 ... I saw some pics in WIP here...
  5. Just type: [Hide1] Type=inactive Nodename=whateveruneedtohide That is all
  6. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/60088-a-reminder-before-you-upload-a-mod/
  7. hope someone will do good use of it
  8. can we do some mumbo jumbo and have Fury 4 also. I know it is different bird...but...mumbo jumbo.
  9. Guessing you are doing it for your own use, as there might be some legal issues when making it for public use... ?
  10. it is possible. as guuru said. I've linked seat into the canopy. Seat pops up when 'ejected' with canopy. check my Harrier.
  11. No. Sf2 community/modders have bigger fetish for realism...
  12. I have watched some footage. And also I have a quite large private database on Sikorsky/Westland Sea King...(just in case for future). And yes most of the Sea Kings were painted 'green'. But those were Fleet Air Arm, not Royal Air Force. You asked in your question above about green RAF. As the topic is very interesting for me - unique deployment of only one RAF Sea King - thought you were referring to RAF as stated above. I'm kind of helicopter history prevert....so bear with me.
  13. those are HC.4 used by Fleet Air Arm.... RAF used only HAR.3 version and as I said only single one was deployed. edit: not trying to be a dick or something...just guy asked about RAF. As for templates, I've made one some time ago when releasing some Sea King skins...But If I remember correctly I've lost it somewhere. So maybe someone has it from me.
  14. ooo ? russo i was trying to answer the original question ....
  15. RAF dispatched only single Sea King XZ592 during the Falklands conflict. Used mostly for replenishment sorties to ships supporting the task force. It was painted in grey camo back then. First RAF Sea King to serve in Falkland painted in yellow SAR scheme was XZ596 and arrived with 78th Sq in August 1999.
  16. I have to agree with Gepard. No wiring for gun pods in the wing. At least I do not remember any. It might be that in some countries technicians rewired wings to carry some custom stuff. For example in Poland, technicians were doing that. But it was not common and appeared only in one unit...then aircrafts were rotating between units. Which created confusion and belief that it was common practice., wherein fact only a few airframes were modified.
  17. Unlink messed nodes (or better everything) reset pivot points ( or even reset xform first) link again as desired

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