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  1. you attached data ini file and loadout ini file. and there is no station for IRM missiles so I just posted my observation.
  2. You do not have weapon stations on aircraft that can carry IRM (AIM-4). Be advised - most of the AIM-4 carry specific station code (usually AIM4) There is no even station that can carry AIM-9 so I do not fathom how you were able to get AIM-9B correctly.
  3. I want lighsaber but still, I am able to write in normal font size. back to the topic. The easiest way is to say - I want. I wish it could be - How can I help to make it happen.
  4. MB-339A Reduxe

    As always top! Thank you.
  5. Since there is a Delta wing mirage topic...We can have a Phantom topic too - just because it is cooler than deltas... Rules: - Phantom on Fridays only. - so no Phantoms on other days than Friday. One picture per user and only on Fridays. Let's bring the best of aviation in one picture. Sorry for strict rules but Spook deserves it. - no discussions, asking, quoting, chatting, etc. there are other places to talk. - NO for what if skins, rogues, mercenaries, pirates, etc... - ok for phantoms that never were...produced, prototypes, etc... Eventually if one of the Administrators will visit this place please clean up inappropriate jabbering. Thanks in advance. If this topic is inappropriate please close.
  6. Jeep fits perfectly...but Jabba could fit also.
  7. Razbam and YAP models

    If it is not life or death issue. Hold on on those helos. Have not seen skycrane..but Zulu Cobra is barely ok...(in my opinion) I Can not promise anything.. when and how it will be released but Cobra saga will continue.
  8. Thank you too. Glad to hear that someone is working on it. If you need some special doo-dah-thingie let me know. Maybe something can be done...
  9. You have to add decal entry on 4 (four doors) L_Cargo_Door-Pylon R_Cargo_Door-Pylon L_Cargo_Door R_Cargo_Door Those are names of those nodes if I remember correctly. To have decals on cargo doors - you need to add on both sets of doors. The standard one and for 'hide pylon' one. I think this is a solution. I am currently not with the game but just processing data in my head. You can try it.
  10. P-14 Tall King Radar

  11. I do not think that modders will be interested in doing another project if they are preoccupied with own modding work. Honestly, I think you do not to be a modder to contribute to the wiki. A person or group of persons with the will to do an effort and pick all useful info scattered all over here would be enough for the start. I do not want to be harsh...and I am not pointing it to a specific person or persons...but sometimes it feels like modders are busy ....and non-modders are busy waiting for what modders are preparing. There are many ways to contribute to this forum.
  12. Jet Provost.7Z

  13. For some time already I have been working on KC-10 tanker. I think I have started this project in 2017. But as expected I can easily find interest in other projects, so this one was not so top priority. Recently - accidentally I have opened a folder named DC/KC-10. And I faced a dilemma to do or not to do...now. So I decided to put it on another hiatus. But hey...there might be some other option. The model is not 100% finished. I still need to model front gear (on the picture below there is front gear visible - but this is just resized copy of central gear.) and crew cockpit and some small bits. The overall model is animated and mostly UVW mapped. I think only the refueling boom needs to be mapped. What I am looking for? Someone - person or team of CA users who will do some skinning work. I can provide with lod and UVW layout. Of course, lod viewer might be helpful. From my own experience, I know that sometimes UVW mapping needs to be changed during the process of creating a skin. This is not an issue. Even if for now I have no intention to focus on this model I might still have a chance to do some changes if necessary. As you can imagine model is quite big, but not huge. Model is UVW mapped on 6 bitmap sheets. SO we can expect some quite reasonable and decent level of detail. If you know my previous work you should know what to expect (and what I expect) from the skin. Generally, this is a tedious job to paint panel lines, rivets, details, etc. But we are not gonna count rivets. But a decent level of detail is possible. We do not need to create skins for countries, air forces and all that stuff. First good base skin needs to be created. All colorful work, decals, users, etc is a song of the future. Time here is not an essence so time schedule is quite flexible. No need to hurry. But If you want new KC-10 in-game..then some work needs to be done. Somehow, someday. Maybe skin will be done while I will not have a chance to work on the model...but still, this is progress. I do not expect that crazy mob will run toward this project...as this is just a useless tanker. But maybe someone would like to gain some skills - as I point this message mostly to young users here at CA. Here is your chance to start to do some modding. Of course, you will need to have gimp, photoshop or similar graphic editor. And of course, the will to participate in this project is needed. I do not want to force someone to do that or put pressure. I can provide reference photos, tips and general support. Perhaps some other reference would need to be researched. Another thing is that I never (yet) exported this model into the game - so some data.ini work is needed also. And here is a sample of layouts. I know that you old farts CA modders are quite busy with your own projects. But as I said before I am hoping that some new users will have a will to participate. Anyway. We will see.
  14. LTV TA-7C Corsair II - The Mirage Factory

  15. C-5 has terrible mapping. And the whole aicraft is mapped on one bmp sheet. Which is crap. Even TW mapped small/big aircraft on a few sheets and this gives you more possibilities vide skins for TW soviet bombers...even in 512x512 they still look quite ok So creating base skins that we have 6 sheets for this model in at least 4096x4096 is crucial..Later skin can be resized down to the desired format. For comparison, C-5 is 75meters length on two 2048x2048 KC-10 is 55 meters on six sheets....uvw mapping is simply more efficient. other thing is if aircraft is mapped on three 4096x4096 bitmaps it will have better frame rate performance in game than aircraft mapped on ONE 4096x4096.
  16. you. sorry that was a question above...missed "?"
  17. you are missing gun folder BK-27
  18. yea i just found one of the readme - Kesselbrut. Confirmed. Even Florian was using that pit in his SeaKing.
  19. It was Kesselbrut. 99.99% sure. I think even yap was using his pits.
  20. perhaps al of them perhaps all of them are rip of the same model perhaps all of them if they are from similar shady links sad is that recently we had a beef here about skins / models / other sites... and skins for that Su are here without any 'ding dong'
  21. Yes, it is.. I am not gonna give a direct link to that.
  22. so why this model is distributed here on CA. And skins for non CA model. And recently we had a conflict with skins for a model from another site....and that didn't end well.

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