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  1. Since there is a Delta wing mirage topic...We can have a Phantom topic too - just because it is cooler than deltas... Rules: - Phantom on Fridays only. - so no Phantoms on other days than Friday. One picture per user and only on Fridays. Let's bring the best of aviation in one picture. Sorry for strict rules but Spook deserves it. - no discussions, asking, quoting, chatting, etc. there are other places to talk. - NO for what if skins, rogues, mercenaries, pirates, etc... - ok for phantoms that never were...produced, prototypes, etc... Eventually if one of the Administrators will visit this place please clean up inappropriate jabbering. Thanks in advance. If this topic is inappropriate please close.
  2. Lovely. We need more Royal armor.
  3. I believe that Silberpfeil means that hangar doors should be open during landing operations. And photo he attached is a general reference photo.
  4. boooo... and where is L there? Nimrod
  5. with a few tweaks can be new AWACS, J-STARS, Mercury and C-137, and proper Husky! And of course loads of airliners... just because combat sim is good to have more airliners...
  6. you know that you can have custom kill decals. One thing with decals is, that models with specular maps and bump maps have reduced the number of decals allowed per mesh. That is why I prefer to put as much as possible on the skin itself. If you will look at it from a game engine perspective. To load one skin with markings + approx 3 decals versus one skin and 12 decals. The first load is 4 elements the latter is a load of 13 elements. But yes as for individual markings decals are a way to go. And the best thing with decals is that with some aircraft you can have cool individual camo styles for each aircraft in the squadron. check the left side of the nose on that Paran Mirage - the camo is not aligned...
  7. Lahatut or lahatoot and some even call it Loach. El Loacho.
  8. you can try to slice polys in this area and change smoothing groups to polys (at least two different) then you should achieve a sharp edge without many complications.
  9. I am not into whatifs. But i guess some suggestions can be useful. Israel - depends on which year - guess no earlier then the late 80s can start exporting technology. Before, like the 60s-70s, they had their own struggles. Sweden - as a neutral country they will be hesitant or bounded by treaties to export military equipment (guess small arms, utility, and armored vehicles are ok , no aircraft) Finland similar situation as Sweden. Argentina? - depends on which year - maybe in the late 80s they can start exporting. Before - only Pucara - even to both countries to spice a thing. France and its influence and products should be available to both sides.
  10. I am making a brand new template. Extracting panel lines and rivets from ready skin can be a pain in the arse. Been there done that. -> 'I am making a brand new template' is an absolutely serious statement. You can try to play with the contrast of existing skin to achieve as dark as possible (rivets/lines) then extract by making a selection by color (of darkened rivets/lines) from a layer. (shift+o in gimp if I remember correctly)
  11. Take 'Range' terrain and edit .ini by disabling the only one sam site.
  12. most of the stock aircraft are nicely and reasonably mapped on few bitmap sheets. So if templates are in good quality skin in 2048x2048 is good enough. Although I prefer stock aircraft and many CAddons in 3072x3072. And usually Templates made in 4096x4096 or higher..then scale down the finished bitmap.
  13. remember this is just a game - so you are not really dead. So do not stress yourself. Nothing going to happen to you. After 'killed' you can still have a coffee...and play again.
  14. if it is possible it is always better to add a deck. Not functional in game...but still nice addition. When one day in the future we will have SF2050 edition with all wishlist features...then it will be useful.
  15. after this... the rest of the Krug system.
  16. For the last 3 months, I was out of town working quite far from home so was not able to work on my main projects. But i had my crappy laptop with me...and evenings were quite productive. As you may know (or may not) i was working on a few ground objects.. and even the first batch (S-125 SAM) system was uploaded. I am currently working on new S-75 and S-200 SAMs . And of course many others. (generally trying to cover all east cold war SAMs). Also, some other big projects came up..and I am in the middle of something. So those ground objects will find a way to be on the virtual frontline one day. But back to the topic. I have made a few (and few more to come) replacements for stock TW objects from the red side. The list is not long so far. Idea was....and still is in my mind to create objects and edit targets.ini and types.ini so airfields for example in East Germany or Czechoslovakia will have specific national background objects etc. But I am generally lazy to do ini work (which is bloody important - but I am prioritizing models for now. Also, I think we disused this already ( but i can not find that thread) I am interested in making 'era' ground objects appearance. So for example old Zil-157 wil not appear as fuel truck let say in 1995 anymore. And in 1954 it place will be taken by some older soviet truck etc, etc. Someone said it is possible to edit this...but i do not remember how..or I am doing something wrong. Anyway, my priority is models..hope someone will solve this ini issue for me. So far i've made the following objects: ATZ-4-131 and ATZ-157 - or simply Soviet Fuel truck. Also, have pre-1958 ATZ-3-151 - but ZIS-151 is not painted yet....so. not for showing yet. Standard trucks for different era and situations (also some more specific eyecandish for few countries ) GAZ-66, Zil-157, Ural 375D, IFA W50L, (Praga and Star - wips) Some command truck replacements...these are actually radios but It gives nice touch now. R-140M on Zil-131 and Zil-157 and few other models that are in wip stage still (R-160 on Zil-131, R-142 on GAZ-66) And there are also other ground objects, mean fighting machines. BTR-60PB (plus maybe 2-3 variants in future) BRDM-2 and few variants based on that chassis. 9P122 Malyutka-M and 9P133 Malyutka-P and new 9M14 Malyutka to add to the weapon folder and Strela-1 9K31 with new 9M31 Strela-1 venerable ZU-23-2 also mounted on some trucks and APCs BMP-1 BMP-2 BTR-50PK and its Czechoslovakian copy OT-62 TOPAS with few variants and some middle eastern mods for use with specific terrains. and Czechoslovakian- Polish OT-64 SKOT also, new PT-76 found its way here... More to come. I have more than 20 wips in this project. some East Germany and Czechoslovakian builds too. More soviet tanks (54,55,62,72,) APCs, some heavy haulers and FROGs. Of course, this still needs a lot of work. lIke double-checking data, adjusting hitboxes, userlist, and generally ini-ini mambo jumbo. So one day hope it will be ready. Definitely not two weeks. Regards. J.
  17. ding dong.. if time allows I am always open to some abracadabra.
  18. SF2_Ural-375 Camo Cuba

    do you realize that we should write in English so everyone can understand...
  19. True. And in this particular Shahak pack, it was my intention to have it that way. And I spend a shitload of time researching the matter. To achieve historical accuracy as much as possible, for the unit and time period.

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