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  1. Since there is a Delta wing mirage topic...We can have a Phantom topic too - just because it is cooler than deltas... Rules: - Phantom on Fridays only. - so no Phantoms on other days than Friday. One picture per user and only on Fridays. Let's bring the best of aviation in one picture. Sorry for strict rules but Spook deserves it. - no discussions, asking, quoting, chatting, etc. there are other places to talk. - NO for what if skins, rogues, mercenaries, pirates, etc... - ok for phantoms that never were...produced, prototypes, etc... Eventually if one of the Administrators will visit this place please clean up inappropriate jabbering. Thanks in advance. If this topic is inappropriate please close.
  2. another two vehicles just for populating target areas, artillery command & control & recon vehicle on MT-LBu. 1V14 and artillery radar on MT-LB chassis SNAR-10 known as 1RL232
  3. For the last 3 months, I was out of town working quite far from home so was not able to work on my main projects. But i had my crappy laptop with me...and evenings were quite productive. As you may know (or may not) i was working on a few ground objects.. and even the first batch (S-125 SAM) system was uploaded. I am currently working on new S-75 and S-200 SAMs . And of course many others. (generally trying to cover all east cold war SAMs). Also, some other big projects came up..and I am in the middle of something. So those ground objects will find a way to be on the virtual frontline one day. But back to the topic. I have made a few (and few more to come) replacements for stock TW objects from the red side. The list is not long so far. Idea was....and still is in my mind to create objects and edit targets.ini and types.ini so airfields for example in East Germany or Czechoslovakia will have specific national background objects etc. But I am generally lazy to do ini work (which is bloody important - but I am prioritizing models for now. Also, I think we disused this already ( but i can not find that thread) I am interested in making 'era' ground objects appearance. So for example old Zil-157 wil not appear as fuel truck let say in 1995 anymore. And in 1954 it place will be taken by some older soviet truck etc, etc. Someone said it is possible to edit this...but i do not remember how..or I am doing something wrong. Anyway, my priority is models..hope someone will solve this ini issue for me. So far i've made the following objects: ATZ-4-131 and ATZ-157 - or simply Soviet Fuel truck. Also, have pre-1958 ATZ-3-151 - but ZIS-151 is not painted yet....so. not for showing yet. Standard trucks for different era and situations (also some more specific eyecandish for few countries ) GAZ-66, Zil-157, Ural 375D, IFA W50L, (Praga and Star - wips) Some command truck replacements...these are actually radios but It gives nice touch now. R-140M on Zil-131 and Zil-157 and few other models that are in wip stage still (R-160 on Zil-131, R-142 on GAZ-66) And there are also other ground objects, mean fighting machines. BTR-60PB (plus maybe 2-3 variants in future) BRDM-2 and few variants based on that chassis. 9P122 Malyutka-M and 9P133 Malyutka-P and new 9M14 Malyutka to add to the weapon folder and Strela-1 9K31 with new 9M31 Strela-1 venerable ZU-23-2 also mounted on some trucks and APCs BMP-1 BMP-2 BTR-50PK and its Czechoslovakian copy OT-62 TOPAS with few variants and some middle eastern mods for use with specific terrains. and Czechoslovakian- Polish OT-64 SKOT also, new PT-76 found its way here... More to come. I have more than 20 wips in this project. some East Germany and Czechoslovakian builds too. More soviet tanks (54,55,62,72,) APCs, some heavy haulers and FROGs. Of course, this still needs a lot of work. lIke double-checking data, adjusting hitboxes, userlist, and generally ini-ini mambo jumbo. So one day hope it will be ready. Definitely not two weeks. Regards. J.
  4. I suppose you will be the one that will test it for the first time
  5. If ever we will have a 'Post Acolyptical Walking Dead Steam Fallout' mod for SF2 I want a squadron of this in my private army. The early 1980s recession was a severe blow to many countries. The Iranian revolution was also causing the rise in oil prices pushing the already high rates of inflation in several major countries including the Federal Republic of Germany. German government sought help in other European countries, the United States without success. Unexpectedly in 1984, Helmut K. signed an agreement with the German Democratic Republic that guaranteed safety for the West German economy and led to an agreement on the conditions for German unification in 1985. After reunification, many western assets strengthened the NVA arsenal.
  6. T-54 T-55 model 1971 and some crappy improvements from the dunes. T-62 T-62 model 1972 of course, regarding all differences between models, I picked the most visible differences to be featured in certain models...
  7. in 3d max check, KeyFIlters should be 'on' scale ...or all to make sure. Do not scale mesh. You should open mesh on vertex select all vertex - start animation Key set to (1) - move to key (10) - scale (and move) vertexes to required (100%) size hit set key on 10. close mesh. Should work. Also, the mesh should be ready. Do not attempt to edit polys, vertexes, or anything after the animation is set - otherwise, the animation will be lost. Even simply going to UVmaping menu after animation will reset and screw the animation. You can only edit via modifiers - edit poly/mesh. Do not mind lod viewer - in many cases, it will not show animation properly. You have to test animation in-game.
  8. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    Version 1.0.0


    Bell UH-1H Iroquois This is a third party add-on of Bell helicopter model UH-1H used by US Army Aviation and many many countries around the world. It is designed for and works only in SF2 series. And will never work in SF1. ************************************************************* This is FREEWARE-DONATIONWARE and it CANNOT be distrubuted unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. Bribes and donations are accepted; ************************************************************* ************************************************************* THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. ************************************************************* Jarek Hereda --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy all files to specific folders in your game mod directory. ANIMATION 1 & 2 - cockpit doors. open bomb bay - open cargo doors - you will figure out why/how etc. This is beta file. Some small ini edits might be needed. I was planning to make it bigger but I've lost 'thing' for it..but of course you can play with it. For now and in near future I will not work on it - so honestly, I am abandoning it. Better to share than keep it on a hard drive. Aircraft include my generic Bell Huey cockpit. Pack includes one helicopter with 1 very generic skin and PSD templates so anyone can create any skin desired. Flying. As with all my previous helos flying is quite easy. With little practice, you can even hoover. Without fake flaps and airbrakes. Important here to control is using rudder and vector thrust control. Normally throttle vector control on 88-89 degree increase power 55% wait little and then increase to 100% and helo will take off nicely. Have fun. Hope you will enjoy it same as me when working on it. Edit and report bugs. Jarek Hereda.
  9. Can not be underwater. But we have fake topwater torpedoes. I think it was added to ODS30 Nimrod.
  10. Yey indeed! WIP... Need also some good reference photos for panel lines, stencils, and all that crap on the skin...
  11. I have one as wip...just my modeling went sideways as always...(some nukes, launchers...2S1)
  12. well, he could always upload empty zip...that would be less than less.
  13. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    Great trip. Happy that you enjoyed Krakow and the museum there. It is nice to see "my backyard" again, even in photos. Although it is painful to see that condition of aircrafts still deteriorates.
  14. in 1969 received 18 airframes for 110th TFS /11th TFW 64-0931, 64-0933, 64-0934, 64-0935, 64-0941, 64-0943, 64-0944, 64-0946, 64-0947, 64-0948, 64-0950, 64-0951, 64-0955, 64-0957, 64-0958, 64-0961, 64-062, 64-0966 additional one 65-0709 in 1970 in 1972 18 airframes for 151st TFS /11th TFW 64-0978, 65-0582, 65-0589, 65-0591, 65-0592, 65-0605, 65-0610, 65-0620, 65-0622, 65-0623, 65-0630, 65-0640, 65-0650, 65-0678, 65-0691, 65-0715, 65-0732, 65-0762 in 1973: 65-0663 in 1975: 65-0978 in 1982: 65-0679, 65-0755, 65-0797, and three more. in 1987/1988: 66-7507, 66-7555, 66-757, 66-7608, 66-7618, 66-7673, 66-7690, 66-7709, 66-7715, 66-7737, 66-7747, 66-7750, 667753, 66-7758, 66-7762, 66-8701, 66-8734, 66-8737, 66-8756, 66-8758, 66-8765, 66-8806, 66-8810 these ones were equipped with PaveSpikes. F-4E 152nd TFS and 153rd TFS /17 TFW in 1978 (19 airframes) distributed between squadrons 76-0493 - 76-0511 in 1980 (18 airframes) 78-0727 - 78-0744 then in 1987-1989 few ex USAF surplus airframes with PaveTack. RF-4C from 1988 131st TRS /39th TRG.

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