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  1. Check your PM inbox I sent you something that maybe could help you
  2. More work on the Chinese weapon pack J-10 SEAD with TL-20 SDB, CM102 and YJ-91 Antiradiation Missiles J-10 Escort Mission with PL-10, PL-15, PL-21 AA missiles ang KG700 ECm Pod J-10 Strike mission with YL-5 2000lg LGB and WDm-7 Targeting Pod As test plane, I am using the J-10A from the site with an EOTS added via FakePilot method. I know that I see an J-10B /J-10C somewhere as a WIP but I think It got lost and never released. If anyone have some information about chinese munitions or wants a specif weapon drop me a MP .
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. jajaja Well I will give it a try, I need a map for those UH-60s and Spiek NLOS Wish me luck and I will say my prayers
  5. Could you send me the texture list that you used, also the original files ? I could try to finnish it, i have the target.ini ready . Thanks
  6. Some time ago I had the same idea but with a smaller map, covering Colombia Venezuela and the ABC Islands, but I got stuck with the map... problem adding rivers targets tiles... and a very particular issue, sometimes the game went crazy and the planes started to fly sideways... I made some models that we didnt have here, like the Arpia IV (an armed UH-60 of the Colombian Air force) new skins for venezuelan F-16, K-8, UN-1n and my loved ones: Antey 2500 an Buk M2... Maybe I could start again this project but the terrain making is really an art.
  7. Check the pivot axis in the FC Radar, they must be aligned in the same way, looking at the picture I can tell you that the X axis in the radar is looking on the oposite side of the gun. In 3dmax reset the pivot using the X-form tool . That should work.
  8. WIP Added MAWS inthe intakes, new Selex Skyward-G IRTS ( using fake pilot on the old available model) and new weapons for the Brazil's F-39E: A-Darter, MAR-1, Spice-250, MICLA-BR
  9. I think it was lost in the HDD crash, but if i find it I will try to finnish it
  10. Yes... I forgot the whale and the A-20... I have the A-3 max files here but we will need some testers because I am not able no install the game in this laptop. About the A-20 I am not sure if the max files were lost in my last hdd crash, but I am pretty sure that the game folders with the game ready files are lost, so we will have to start from scratch with that plane
  11. Hi everyone, I have been working on a few (yes... only a few ) models for my failed attempt to make a map, To make the story short no map for the Caribbean and northern South America is available in the site, so I decided to make one... but being a terraformer is only for a few .. , later I decided to start with something easier and mod a campaign, so I came up with and idea to make a regional conflict in central America between a China and Russian backed NIcaraguan and US allies in the region for the control of the zne where the new canal was planned to be build. But there is one little problem with this idea.... We have very few PLAN and PLAAF units, and even fewer modern ones, so I returned to my roots and started to build some ships... But wait... what about Russia, Will the russians allowed the Chinese to start something this big just in uncle Sam's backyard? Of course not, so they need a couple f ship as well, OK, everything is well now... the task force is on its way to the Caribbean and the eastern pacific shore of Nicaragua... But they will need a strong AA umbrella to protect their assets in the region, but again the same old problem..... don't worry with this lock down we have plenty on time.. ok.. now we are taking.... but what about the weapons? Do we have the newest Chinese and Russian weapons?... we only a few so... What about PLAAF attack helicopters and UAV? nothing ... But I had a couple of free models from 3dCadBrowser modded to make them work with the sim, so lets make them usable here 9 and filled the hole of a cheap LIFT for China allies in the region Nicaragua and Venezuela) so here is the work so far, Right now I am working on a little issue with the Panama map, when you are flying near the loks the FPS drops a lot, I presume this is a object lod with a lot of polys, I suspect of the dam object but right now I am not able to work on that since I dont have a game PC, only a laptop and the integrated video cards can't handle the game I also have sme other models, so if anyone think this models could help in any install or if someone wants to help in paint or teach em how to do it , feel free to write me
  12. I have this And this... The only problem is that my graphics card got burned in a recent power grid failure, so I am not able to test it in the game for a release, but teh 3d model is almost done
  13. Two more for the SAM pack... I-Dome David Sling

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