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  1. Light Gray Measure 32 Design 22D ( o something similar) I think I will release her in gray.. the disruptive camo pattern does not look good
  2. Back where everything started some time ago... Building ships is very very time consuming to get the details and the never ending issue of balancing details and poly count with FPS and performance... but we are there...
  3. I really need some PS lessons Yes I know... It's not the correct turret but I have it from the Havoc and I want to test the model in flight
  4. Yes they will I need to correct some FM issues and better paintjob and its done. Mandatory screenie PD: Does anybody know where is the old Vindicator Stand In because I really need to stole the decals from it I found them
  5. Korea 1950 ( in another world of course )
  6. If the Essex was there, they needed a Turtle! Great Addon Thanks

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