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  1. Su-30MKI Flanker Indian Air Force

    Spudknocker, I can give you my custom canards if you want.
  2. Su-30MKM Flanker Royal Malaysian Air Force

    aeenrahhimpour, its difficult to make an aircraft, you have to make models on 3ds max that suit with requirements of SF2 models (such as linking), make some animations id, (rudder, landing gear, elevators, flaps, ailerons) export it to LOD using TWOexporter, make some data.ini for it. and so on and so fort. making cockpit is another thing, its more difficult considering that every moving parts (dials, digits, radar screens) is made up of separate nodes. You have to read every tutorial in the forum to know it all
  3. Su-30MKM Flanker Royal Malaysian Air Force

    Ive done it too via fake pilot method. It doesn't suck but we really need real MKI airframe.. ?
  4. Su-30mki

    I saw it russouk2004, but that was for marcfighters Su-27. Combatace already has already a good model for Su-37 (with canards) so using it as Su-33 will have no problems. With the creation of YEYEYE great cockpit for modern Sukhois, we now need a real two-seat flanker with canards.
  5. Su-30mki

    Im sorry, I posted it in a wrong place...then again, I wish that someone make a proper model for this aircraft. Thanks Wrench for moving this post.
  6. I really want some su-30mki (canards) but i cant find here it combatace. I tried to put some canards in the twin seater su-30 (fake pilot/seat method) and i think i cant do any better. Does anyone has true mki model?pls give me.
  7. SAAB J-21A-3 cockpit

    Excellent Stary. Please make cockpits for modern jets.
  8. F-5E Early Versions Pack

    Great work Centurion! Pls keep it coming.

    Where can we get the aircraft emresukhoi? it does not work on su-33.
  10. Sea flanker cockpit

    Thanks so much! Please make more cockpits of the same quality for F-14D and F-35 YEYEYE
  11. SU-37 Flanker-F

    good work denis. But I may I suggest a model that has separate components on fuselage and internal cockpit? I found it difficult to position the external cockpit relative to the internal cockpit's position. A separate components could enable us to hide the inside of internal cock while leaving the rest of the fuselage seen (ShowFromCockpit=TRUE)

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