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  1. o my god.its great.its my dream.....

    I did it bud....but it doesnt work... anyway .....thanx

    It means we haven to activate action camera in FE2?

    No I didnt find this line in My default.ini ...i saw only this line about F12 : "GOTO_FREE_VIEW=CTRL+F12"....... Look ! where did you find that Default.ini ? from SF2 or FE2 ? remember i say about fist eagl 2 series...

    It doesnt work....
  6. HI ....... I have a question about views in FE2....How can I activate F12 Random view in FE2 like SF2? I know that FE2 updated much less from SF2(JUL 2010 \\\Vs/// JUL 2013).but is there anyway to do that?
  7. MiG-31M/BM for SF2

    where is "M" model?I down for that....
  8. YEP!... its similar to Eastfront.And by a little changes at least it can use for North(Leningrad) front of Ger/Rus Great Patriotic War.
  9. you can add carriers to germany Ca terrain very easy but a group of them and their patrols....I don't know if it is possible...….remember: base of terrain in Europe and Island is different….but ask it from wrench(kevin).maybe he knows...
  10. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    its Downed with Tor M1 anti-aircraft missile.our crowed regime again reject it....murders....
  11. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    its only a show. Believe me . I am Iranian and awfully I know our coward murder regime that play like a clown...
  12. 1st post in 2020 yeeehaaaa

  13. Tornado Marineflieger IDS; for tests

    .....TNX.....finally we will have complete PAK of GURUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU's great Tornado.....now we need only IDS and ECR..
  14. I decided to work on it in past.but only ground attack/recon missions are available .for reason slow speed aircraft absolutely we need to work on terrain and ground/sea objects . south china project campaign has similar terrain and OBJ

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