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  1. Chieftain Mk.5

  2. NovaLogic Terrains

    its.....its brilliant.......God... its huge work.....look at those all mountains and shores....only person who visit Alaska/Central Africa/Nevada-Arizona deserts/Siberia/far east russia and etc can make these enormous terrains.....TNX again.
  3. B-47E

    as i Know only one type was downloadable in past.from A-team before 2005 .....E -TYPE
  4. YAK-130 Mitten by UllyB

    TNX alot for came true our little! beautiful dream!!
  5. as i know Turkey never had any E-type tigers.because in 70-80 he recieved old staff of Nato .as in Phantom -- starfighter and transall or Puma helicopter from Germany and A-B-type tiger from Norway.but probably Emmre Know it better and have more information....
  6. Its very similar to RB-45 REC Tornado!!!!.CooooooL!!!!!!!!!!!TNX
  7. SF2 NAA B-45A & B-45C Pack

    I LOVE IT.Hero of Korean War!!!!TNX its brilliant!
  8. I had no idea the A-10 was so versatile.

    i am confused.but have really good feel about Hero's reborn.....
  9. F-12 Action view

    Dear Kevin .I understood and thanks . as i said i only talk about that packs for example.Sorry I did not mean to be disrespectful and about Capun I dislike his behavior too...and at last... as you see "action view" and F12 is been in list of view command of SF2 series.
  10. Douglas C-133 Cargomaster

    a beautiful dream!TNX
  11. F-12 Action view

    Tnx a lot for awsome help.....
  12. F-12 Action view

    Dear Wrench(Kevin) .....every time i asked a question you answered with aggression.i dont know why?in addition to i never said A-Team Product uploaded on this site before. say only some packs like them.Your behavior is not true.but tnx for responding....
  13. F-12 Action view

    Hi ...somebody Help! F12 or action view is a very functional command in strike fighters series.you can read news from your phone or play "Suduko" and even war is continued! and you see it like an action movie.but this command is doesnt work on FE1 and FE2 .can you help to find a way to active this command.or atleast anyone know about strike fighter 2 WWI(great war) MOD something like A-Team WWII Packs that works on SF2?
  14. No I mean in ALT+T key's function.
  15. TNX daddy.i will test it......yep its work.but you said true.it come back to normal 1x mode if use ALT+T keyanyway thank you.....

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