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  1. FE2 Updates

    Tnx VonS and of course trotski00 and Dear FalconC45 The reason I'm interested in this is the smaller nature of the Air Force. For example, in the Imperial Iranian Air Force(IIAF), some planes flew at a time when the great powers were obsolete in the Air Force.for example : Adax, Fury, Hawker Hind, and Bréguet 14 and 19 of the great war planes in Iran flew around the 1940s and '50s,, or the Thunderbolt and Hurricane were active in the 1960s, or even the T-33 at the end of the Iran-Iraq war .....It was removed and continued to be used for training flights. Another reason is the possibility of using the key F12 as i said first, which is contrary to the usability in SF2 not in FE2.
  2. FE2 Updates

    its absoulotly true.....
  3. FE2 Updates

    Yes.its true.there are many problems in this way .but yet I think its worth the effort...
  4. FE2 Updates

    Ok Falcon .but original FE2 Plane and ground objects belong to original CAT of FE2.you mean we can combine FE2's aircraft or groundobjects with SF2 game ? to create something like WWII Mod of SF2 series ?but this time A SPECIAL GREAT WAR version?!! is it true?
  5. FE2 Updates

    Tnx Von S.but it isnt work
  6. FE2 Updates

    Hi Buddies!!!.how are you?may i ask a2 question about First Eagles 2?last Update of SF2 refer on Jul 2013 but in FE2 I have general game with no updates (Jul 2010)...is it true?we have not any updates for amazing FE2?! and my second question : one of my favourite key of SF2 series is "Action View " or F12.i can drink a cup of tea or coffiee and seat back and watch an action movie!! but it is not work on FE2 series! is there any way to activated in game? sorry about that. Somebody in CA probably have an idea....I WISH...
  7. tnx buddy.grerat work but i think yellow triangles on the top of wings must transfer to far edges and maybe its better they removed because F1 family should be similar to israeli Falcons than mirage III and nesher/Kfir family because they and F should fly in same years(what if)
  8. I found it.Target and TargetL.you can placed them randomly on for example an airports or a base with enemy nation market.then side guns of Helos shoot them .but if there are not real aircrafts or other targets on the place then it will be seem so stupidly.....
  9. tnx a lot buddy....I try it....
  10. Yep What exactly I mean....its a real solution.i mean something like this....if you can please help....
  11. but why?whats different between air or ground targets?may be somewhere in SF2 platform or changing some .ini files.you know?I mean i saw usually problems be solved at CA.......
  12. ok but i mean they arenot selected as a target and we cant change selected building normaly for atack them by AG missiles...
  13. Hi everybody! 1-side guns and also tail guns in bombers and helicopters and etc...can fire air targets.is there anyway to change this and give them fire to ground targets too?(somthing like "apocalypse now" movie's Heli ride scene) 2-ground targets usually are tanks artillary and anti-air guns and anti air missiles .how can i change targets too add building so.specially in strike and attack missions?
  14. you mean something like F-108 Rapier?

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