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  1. SU-30SM

    its cool.and what about no canard model?
  2. Su-21S/P "Flagpole"

    its nice.ButIf this beautiful plane is a new version of su-15 than i think it should be have 2 engine.!!!!!!!
  3. Su-21S/P "Flagpole"

    its amazing...!its cooooooooooooooool.as i thought!"spinners" .its true .TNX Gunrunner
  4. CAF Panavia Condor Mk.50 'IDF'

    Zroa HaAvir
  5. its Cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ready for upload? may I?I hope so!!
  6. sure! look at those nose cone and delta wings.in west we see convert phantom 's air intake to F-15's one(like flogger to Foxbat). So I think if Su-21's Jet intake convert from Phantom shape(Su-15) to F-15 it will be similar to Condor.......ooow wait ! remember number of engine in condor.it should be 2.
  7. if this airplane have 2 engine then it will be Su-19 or Su-21 !!!!!!!!!!! "The son of old flagon(Su-15)"

    I did it bud....but it doesnt work... anyway .....thanx

    It means we haven to activate action camera in FE2?

    No I didnt find this line in My default.ini ...i saw only this line about F12 : "GOTO_FREE_VIEW=CTRL+F12"....... Look ! where did you find that Default.ini ? from SF2 or FE2 ? remember i say about fist eagl 2 series...

    It doesnt work....
  12. HI ....... I have a question about views in FE2....How can I activate F12 Random view in FE2 like SF2? I know that FE2 updated much less from SF2(JUL 2010 \\\Vs/// JUL 2013).but is there anyway to do that?
  13. MiG-31M/BM for SF2

    where is "M" model?I down for that....
  14. YEP!... its similar to Eastfront.And by a little changes at least it can use for North(Leningrad) front of Ger/Rus Great Patriotic War.
  15. you can add carriers to germany Ca terrain very easy but a group of them and their patrols....I don't know if it is possible...….remember: base of terrain in Europe and Island is different….but ask it from wrench(kevin).maybe he knows...

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