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  1. The money necessary to restore it in its condition would be astronomical. But seeing as there are so few P-38s in flying condition, someone may get ambitious. Who knows, maybe a donation fund will be set up?
  2. funny letter to john madden from nfl player

    Nice! I rather enjoyed the line about eating a rock for breakfast!
  3. If all you love is the outside of someone...

    That picture is pretty painfull, but it shows that there are people in this world that can see what things really count. It also shows the spirit of those that are willing to give it all up to protect freedom, even if it's not their own. My salute to those in the armed forces around the world fighting for peace and freedom! You all are truly appreciated!
  4. Have you ever wanted too!

    Time outs? I really don't see how they work. I'm glad I'm old enough to have avoided those; swat on the backside for me, though not very often. I've never really wanted to Taser an elderly person, though some of my contemporaries...
  5. This ref..well you can guess

    That was...interesting. I really hope that I'm taking that video out of context.
  6. you think you have bad luck?

    Ow. Possibly the worst way to end a day.
  7. Unusual Aviation Pictures

    #51 is the XP-55 Ascender #128 is the XP-38 (later known as the Lightning) #129 is the XP-58 Chain Lightning #165 is a P-38J or L #167 is an early P-40 #231 is a P-38J or L with skis. I bet that was fun to land!

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