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  1. STEERING_CUE STEERPOINT_SYMBOL WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT I would expect STEERING_CUE and STEERPOINT_SYMBOL to require .tga files. WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT just sounds like a text readout to me. But now that I look at it some more, WAYPOINT_RANGE_TEXT and WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT are listed with radar display items (in avionics70.dll). WAYPOINT_ RANGE_TEXT also appears a second time in the list with HUD display items. It may be that WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT is a possible radar display item only. So far, no success in getting any of these going... but I haven't had much time to experiment. I wonder if any of these actually work now. If so, I'd have expected to see them in WoE. Papa_K
  2. I noticed the following in with other HUD items: STEERING_CUE STEERPOINT_SYMBOL I'll have to try those later. Also, listed in the avionics70.dll right in with radar entries are: WAYPOINT_RANGE_TEXT WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT I know that WAYPOINT_RANGE_TEXT is working fine on the HUD. I've tried to get WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT to show up on the HUD as well... no luck so far. My guess at what it's entry in avionics.ini would look like: [HUD_WaypointBearing] SymbolType=WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT TextPosition=0.082,0.216 HorizontalAlignment=LEFT VerticalAlignment=CENTER TextFormat=%03.0f DisplayUnit=DEG Either it's not really usable, or it is a radar display item rather than on the HUD (I doubt this), or I've got something wrong in the [HUD_WaypointBearing] above. I'm unsure about the TextFormat and DisplayUnit. Papa_K
  3. Got it... I really just had to do a search. Thanks, Papa_K ______________________________________ I might as well show the lists for HUD and Radar: HUD HUDFont HUDColor ViewportTopLeft ViewportBottomRight GunBoresightAngle RocketBoresightAngle HUDModeAA HUDModeNAV HUDModeAG Symbol[%02d] SymbolType ImagePosition TextPosition TextFormat Text ImageFilename ImageSize UseThousandsSeparator ScaleImageFilename ScaleImageSize ScaleImagePostion Scale MaxValue MinValue ScaleTextInterval ScaleTextUnit ScaleTextUnit ScaleTextPosition ScaleTextFormat DisplayUnit DisplayDigit BoxObscureSize ZeroLSD ScaleTypePosition StepHeight StepInterval RefCirclePosition RefCircleRadius ZeroVelocityPosition PitchScale FallLineImage ShowAnyWeapon ____________________ IMAGE TEXT BORESIGHT_CROSS FLIGHTPATH_MARKER ATTITUDE_BARS HEADING_SCALE AIRSPEED_SCALE ALTITUDE_SCALE VERTICAL_VELOCITY_SCALE AIRSPEED_TEXT ALTITUDE_TEXT ALPHA_TEXT FLIGHT_PATH_TEXT CURRENT_G_TEXT MAX_G_TEXT HUD_MODE_TEXT MACH_TEXT RADAR_ALT_TEXT ALT_LOW_TEXT ROLL_INDICATOR STEERING_CUE STEERPOINT_SYMBOL LCOS CCIP TD_RADAR TD_HEAT TD_LASER TD_EO WAYPOINT_ID_TEXT WAYPOINT_RANGE_TEXT RADAR_RANGE_TEXT ASE_RADAR ASE_HEAT _______________________________ _______________________________ RadarTexture RadarAGTexture RadarTextureSize RadarData AvailableModes RadarPosition RangeUnit RangeSetting[%d] MaxElevationAngle MinElevationAngle MaxAzimuthAngle BoresightElevation BoresightAzimuth ACMMaxPitchAngle MinAltitude MinimumSpeed MinReturn SearchRange SearchStrength TrackRange TrackStrength AcquisitionSymbolSpeed AcquisitionResetPosX AcquisitionResetPosY AcquisitionResetTime DisplayLimitLeft DisplayLimitRight DisplayLimitTop DisplayLimitBottom MapBackgroundLevel MapHightlightLevel MapNoiseLevel GroundSearchStrength ClearanceDistance StartMode RadarDisplay RangeSetting BarElevation ScanRate ScanBeamAngle ScanArc PPI Symbol[%02d] SymbolType Position XOffsetAzimuth YOffsetRange YOffsetElevation TextureName ImageSize RotationAngle Text NoTargetText DisplayUnit ElevationScale ShowOnlyTens ShowOnlyHundreds ShowOnlyThousands ThousandsSeparator TextureIRM TextureSAHM TextureAHM RemoveOnBreakX IFFTarget Hit1Target Hit2Target RotateToHeading HeadText TailText LeftText RightText AngleScale ____________________ OFF SEARCH TWS STT ACM GROUND_MAP TERRAIN_AVOIDANCE TV HORIZON_LINE ELEVATION_CARET AZIMUTH_CARET RANGE_SCALE_TEXT TAS_TEXT WAYPOINT_RANGE_TEXT WAYPOINT_BEARING_TEXT ACQUISITION_SYMBOL TARGET_RANGE_CARET TARGET_RANGE_TEXT TARGET_BEARING_TEXT TARGET_TAS_TEXT TARGET_ASPECT_TEXT TARGET_HEADING_TEXT TARGET_VC_TEXT TARGET_ALT_TEXT MISSILE_TOF_TEXT MISSILE_SHOOT_CUE JAM_CONDITION_TEXT TARGET_SYMBOL LOCKET_TARGET_SYMBOL RMIN_CARET RMAX_CARET AIM_DOT ASE_CIRCLE BREAK_X
  4. I've tried a couple hex editors... which one are you using? Just seeing gibberish here. Papa_K
  5. I guess what I'm trying to find out is if it's limited to what you see in an aicraft like the (avionics70) F-15A, or are there other SymbolTypes/TextFormats out there, available for use, but not used on that particular aicraft. One thing I'm looking for would be something like a: SymbolType=Bearing_to_Waypoint_Text, and another would be something like a waypoint_bearing that would call for a .tga (a caret of some type) to have on the HUD heading scale. Papa_K
  6. From what I've seen now, it looks like "NO" is the answer.
  7. For use in avionics.ini, is there a way of knowing the allowable entries, or altering what's allowable for these entries? SymbolType= TextFormat= (I'm sure there's a way to alter it... it's just a matter of how easy...) I guess what I'm asking for is a way of finding out the usable variables. Knowing what's available for those entries would help - If there are any other entries available that aren't already used in a given aircraft's avionics.ini. ___________________________ What I'm looking for right now is a way to show the heading (in text) to the next waypoint. (Or would it be possible to add a caret to the heading scale, indicating the heading to the waypoint?) Thanks, Papa_K
  8. Is there a way to adjust the CCIP reticle position? The way it is right now for my deliveries, with a 52 mil reticle if I pickle when the top edge of the reticle hits the target, it's right on. I'd like to move it so I can use the center of the reticle. For the avionics60.dll manual bombing, it was fairly simple to adjust the mils. (It would be nicer if it could be done in-cockpit, rather than with an .ini edit.) Anything similar for avionics70? Papa_K
  9. A little bit OT: This reminded me of something - Babble Alert: We used to keep running bomb scores (a vanilla F-4E squadron at the time), and there was always competition/score-keeping for flights and individuals. One of the categories was a "500 foot level radar delivery." We came up with an alternative to the standard PPI-scope-with-cursors delivery methods. (Cursor placement could throw a radar delivery way off - the WSO would always have to place cursors in the exact same place relative to the ground return and tune the cursor down to as small as possible. A fat cursor placed right on the return vs just in front barely touching the return could throw the bomb off by hundreds of feet. Consistent cursor placement and size could give a good base for corrections, if that aircraft's systems were good, especially its INS. The INS is what kept the cursors tracking where you put them, so any delivery reliant on radar cursors also relied on the INS - not always a good thing then.) For the particular range we went to most often, there was a radar reflector placed a couple hundred feet beyond the radar bombing target, and just a little offset from the run-in heading. We calculated out the slant range required for delivery on the standard run-in heading when locked onto the reflector - you could lock onto ground returns in Search mode. There was a gauge in the back seat that read out slant range from a locked radar target. Just drive in at the target, on altitude and speed, and being right on heading (with an upwind correction) to the target. Then the back seater would count down the slant range, and pickle in Manual mode at the required slant range. It worked well... too well... it was soon deemed as "cheating" for a radar delivery. (I suppose because it wasn't a "system" bomb they had a point there.) Papa_K
  10. If the game's aircraft, using avionics60, would show ground clutter/returns on Search mode, as they should, PPI ground mapping wouldn't be needed here. The real PPI scopes added the cursors that could be slewed, or positioned from system waypoint coordinates, or point to an offset input from a ground return, etc., and then provide steering and various delivery modes using the cursor positioning. Hope that made sense... anyway, if the game's radar Search mode on aircraft could display ground returns as they should, then the PPI mode would become useless in the game (with no PPI-associated deliveries). Other reasons why not to have more realistic radar ground clutter/returns in the game? It would complicate getting a contact/lock on an airborne target - getting him out of the ground clutter... Using a look-up angle vs look-down on the earlier radars was a key over land sometimes - over water lookdown was fine - and clouds were a factor on radar as well back then. Enough - I babbled on long enough there - I hope there is a combined avionics 60/70 - It will make doing the ARNIE F-4E a better possibility. (Need CCIP of avionics70 plus the A/A missile sight display of avionics60 to do it right.) Papa_K
  11. Does the ground mapping radar, when using the avionics60.dll, provide any practical help for bombing? Is the PPI ground mapping mode anything more than an aid to finding a target in the game? -If the PPI ground mapping radar could "lock" a ground return - not really a lock, but in the game's terms that's what it could be - having the cursors stabilize on the return, tracking it in, allowing a radar bombing mode, that would be great. Since the F/A-18 is a HUD equipped aircraft, and should have a CCIP mode, I prefer having it. (Having ground mapping available also would be good.) Even though the game's CCIP mode doesn't seem to provide a real "constantly computed impact point", at least not for a wide variety of parameters (What does it really do in the game anyway?), having all the info on the HUD - dive angle, airspeed, flightpath marker, drop line, etc. - can aid bomb delivery. A manual bombing mode with avionics70 would be good too. Can't have both it seems. Anyway... on HUD-equipped aircraft, I do prefer the avionics70 display. (It just seems odd not to have HUD info when it should be there.)
  12. File Name: USN_Sounds.zip (Replacements for F/A-18A) File Submitter: <a href='http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showuser=8803'>Papa_K</a> File Submitted: 29 Jun 2006 File Category: <a href='http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?automodule=downloads&showcat=24'>SF Sound Mods</a> Recent post by USAFMTL pointed to the sound files listed in the _data.ini for the (Mirage Factory) F/A-18A as a possible source of CTDs in WoE. I'd been getting the dreaded black screen and CTD when hitting ESC to exit an F-18 mission. It didn't happen every time, but enough... Rather than just point the _data.ini to other sound files, I opened them in a sound editor and reformated them to 16bit/11kHz, matching the default sound files in the game. (Other add-on sound files are in other formats, and don't seem to cause a problem, but none of them match up with the F-18 sound file formats.) Tested these sound files... haven't had a CTD yet. Can't guarantee it's "the answer", but here they are for testing. Just unzip and put them in \Sounds folder, replacing the files that are already there. Papa_K <a href='http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?automodule=downloads&showfile=2848'>Click here to download this file</a>

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