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  1. hi guys, I was just wandering is the NPP course system's compass meant to rotate when the aircraft turns, or is its functionality unmodeled at the moment? I tried swapping some ini text from the yak-38 cockpit stary made - which has a working compass - but it didn't work. Thanks
  2. Stary what ever happend to this cockpit, still in the works? (Mandatory screenshot...)
  3. HI guys, sorry to be a pain. I was wandering if anyone could send me the Stock JetEngine.WAV file, I downloaded a replacement file on this site a while ago and since then its caused all sorts of peculiarity's in the games sound, (lawnmower helicopters, slowed down radio-chatter etc...) I've learnt my lesson. I think long and hard before deleting game files now... Thanks in advance Alex
  4. Starys new MiG-23 cockpit has opened up a whole new family of aircraft for me, Thanks Stary!!!
  5. I weathered the F-111 cockpit...
  6. What Other Games Are You Playing?

    I found the demo quite limiting so I went ahead and bought it on steam its only £5.99, with full game there is a single player & lots of game modes available like big world, custom (where you can tweak loads of gameplay options) etc... the mods I use are; All cities, Cold war 1980's v1.7, & WOPR which is the mod that makes the graphics look like the monitors from Wargames. It can be quite hard to find working links to mods because the community pretty dead which is a shame. But yeah I would recommend it.
  7. What Other Games Are You Playing?

    I've been playing Defcon everybody dies, with a few mods to make it look like the "big board" from the film wargames. (Sorry for the bad screenshot, had to use my phone)

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