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  1. Wow, that is unexpected... RIP
  2. Are templates for Centurions F-5E available somewhere?
  3. Maybe of interest: https://www.bulletpicker.com/ordnance-pamphlets.html This one covers several rocketlauncher variants (7-shot, Aero 6A, etc. and 19-shot Aero 7D, LAU-3/A, etc.). Differences were not clear in the past, some of them are covered here. https://www.bulletpicker.com/pdf/OP 2210 Rev 1, Aircraft Rockets.pdf
  4. One last thing: I don't care about original YAP and what they have done or not done, as I haven't spent a single cent on their stuff - I just don't know their stuff, so I cannot judge about the past! I unwillingly contributed to YAP-RW, because the guys just used my stuff, that I released here. For that stuff I spent A LOT of time researching, gathering infos, creating decals, creating templates and so on... Workarounds are one thing. Copy stuff from different sources together or spending 5 minutes of time to copy one skin to a different plane and say, that this is my "work" is just nonsense. I want my work to be of good quality, so they should leave my name out of this shit. I never asked my mods to be added to YAP-RW and ripped apart by people, that obviously don't care for historical correctness. Theres a simple solution for that though: Just don't use my stuff! They should do stuff by themselves and invest their own time! Have a nice day... Edit: Sorry again, for the continued hijack. It was the last time.
  5. I have to admit, even if the actual YAP-RW-people are not the real YAP-guys, the actual one/ones are still a bit shady to me. They give credits for stuff they use, that's cool! That's a thing, that actually worked better, than here on CA... But they also change stuff beyond all recognition or simply copy stuff together, that obviously doesn't work well and still say it's from you, although that crap isn't. Call me strange, but that's also not, how it works (at least for me). For me they are neither pure white, nor pure black - just something in between. Sorry for hijacking the thread even more. I'm out again.
  6. Maybe there are to many decals on Fuselage_P? Using Bump- and Specularmap reduces the maximum decalcount (I think with everything enabled, the max is 4 decals per mesh.) By the way, you don't need 2 separate files for that. You could use only one decal and mirror it for the other side: [Decal017] MeshName=Fuselage_P DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=Left FilenameFormat=P-51D/357FG/362FS/SqNoseArtL_ Position=0.799,0.002 Rotation=0.0 Scale=4.325 DecalMaxLOD=4 [Decal022] MeshName=Fuselage_P DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=Right FilenameFormat=P-51D/357FG/362FS/SqNoseArtL_ Position=0.799,0.002 Rotation=0.0 Scale=4.325 DecalMaxLOD=4 Reverse=TRUE P.S.: I admire your dedication for the Mustang.
  7. Hey there, I've come back to a topic from the past lately. Is it possible to replicate the Gunsight-functionality with a HUD in SF2? If you have a Gunsight, than you have a simple reticle for guns, that is depressed down a bit for unguided rockets - not lead computing, CCIP, whatever. I would need that Gunsight-functionality together with an additonal marking for a laserdesignated Target. At the moment I have the Reticle + Targetmarking showing, but the Reticle doesn't move if I select unguided Rockets. In the past my workaround was a new Reticle that has 2 aimpoints - guns and rockets, so no movement was needed. My Settings from Cockpit.ini [CockpitData] Directory=cockpit HUDMode=AG RippleQuantity=1,2,3,6,12,18,24 RippleInterval=60,100,140 [GunsightFront] HasGunsight=TRUE GunsightMilSize=100 GunsightName=Gunsight.tga MaxDepression=250 DefaultDepression=50 GunDepression=50 RocketDepression=50 LeadComputing=FALSE HUD-Part from Avionics.ini: [HUD] HUDMaterial=HUDMaterial HUDColor=1.0,0.47,0.0,0.7 BoresightOffset=0.0,0.0 ViewportTopLeft=-0.095,-0.080 ViewportBottomRight=0.100,0.160 RocketBoresightAngle=50.0 [HUDMaterial] EffectShaderName=fltHUD.fx DepthBufferCheck=FALSE DepthBufferWrite=FALSE RenderedInOrder=FALSE AlphaTestEnabled=TRUE CullMode=NO_CULL LightEnabled=FALSE UseLightLevel=FALSE SpecularEnabled=FALSE EmissiveEnabled=FALSE FogEnabled=FALSE AmbientColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 DiffuseColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 ZBufferOffset=0 PriorityLevel=1 BlendOp=BLEND_SRC_ALPHA NumTextureStages=1 TextureStage[01].TextureName= TextureStage[01].MipMap=FALSE TextureStage[01].FilterEnabled=TRUE TextureStage[01].StageColorOp=TEXTURE_MODULATE_DIFFUSE TextureStage[01].StageAlphaOp=TEXTURE_MODULATE_DIFFUSE [HUDFont] TextFontName=Arial TextSize=9 TextBold=TRUE [HUDModeAG] Symbol[01]=HUD_Gunsight Symbol[02]=HUD_LaserTarget [HUD_Gunsight] SymbolType=IMAGE ImageFilename=cockpit\Gunsight.tga ImageSize=0.075 [HUD_LaserTarget] SymbolType=TD_LASER ImageFilename=cockpit\laser_target.tga ImageSize=0.025
  8. I think I got it. Thanks Dan for your help!
  9. No, one of my first mods was the A-4F from VA-164 with the laser spot tracker in the nose (targetdesignation was from backseaters of TA-4F). I never liked my workaround with a double-reticle for guns+rockets. Seems like the Gunsight, that could show the designated target was from Ferranti too. Unfortunately I didn't find any pictures, type or name of it and I think, that there aren't any, given how little detail you find about the topic. Didn't know about the Australian sight. What's up with that? While searching for the experimental one above, I found 2 brochures about the Gunsights, that were used in 2 the batches of Singaporean Skyhawks from the 70s (A-4S and A-4S-1) - also from Ferranti. Maybe there's some sort of connection? Ferranti obviously was quite active... ;)
  10. Interesting, I didn't know that was possible. I guess, I can build something with that. After re-reading the tiny bit of information available about the realworld counterpart, I realized, that I don't have to rely on the original gunsight-reticle, since the gunsight was exchanged for something from Ferranti (no designation or type, probably even experimental). Pics are also not available, so I will just do something that works. Thanks for your help!
  11. I also tried to learn how to make Natural Metal skins lately for the F-100 Super Sabre. I wondered about values above 1.0 (Specular and Reflection). Are you sure, that there's a difference between 1.0 and 1.4? I found yakarov79's values from his F-101 Voodoo-pack just perfect (on mobile now, so I can post the exact value later). I think it was something around 0.7/0.8 for Specular/Reflection. And the result is a shiny aluminium - just fine for my taste.
  12. Win10 Upgrade -- what can I expect??

    SumatraPDF is small and lightweight. Works just fine for me.
  13. Win10 Upgrade -- what can I expect??

    Happy Birthday and all the Best. 🍻
  14. Malaysian Skyhawks - A-4PTM/TA-4PTM

    *** any SF2 that has the A-4F for the cockpit and DLC019 required for the A-4L model *** Do you have the DLC installed?
  15. Malaysian Skyhawks - A-4PTM/TA-4PTM

    Version 1.0.1


    Malaysian Scooters - A-4PTM/TA-4PTM for SF2 - v1.0 ================================================== *** any SF2 that has the A-4F for the cockpit and DLC019 required for the A-4L model *** The Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM, or Royal Malaysian Air Force) ordered 88 surplus Skyhawks (25 A-4Cs and 63 A-4Ls) in 1980. The TUDM wanted these planes refurbished into 54 single-seaters and 14 two-seaters. However, the US government placed a temporary hold on the sale, and escalating costs due to inflation resulted in a cut in the order to only 40 aircraft. Grumman Aerospace at St. Augustine, Florida was given the contract to perform the rework on the TUDM Skyhawks. The rework included a complete rewiring, plus two extra underwing hardpoints similar to A-4E and later Skyhawks. A refurbished J65-W-20 engine was fitted. Updated electronics were also fitted, including the AN/ARN-118 TACAN, a SAAB RGS-2A lead computing weapons sight, a Lear Siegler altitude heading reference system, and an AN/ARC-164 UHF transceiver. The A-4Cs were fitted with the dorsal avionics hump. aswell as wing spoilers. A drag chute was installed below the tailpipe. A new canopy was fitted, which was slightly bulged at the sides. Some of the aircraft received preparations for the Hughes AN/ASB-19 Angles Rate Bombing System, aswell as provisions for AGM-65 Maverick missiles, but both were actually never used with these planes. Provisions for the use of AIM-9 Sidewinders were incorporated on the outer wing pylons. In the end, Grumman modified 34 aircraft. They were assigned the designation A-4PTM (where PTM stood for Peculiar to Malaysia, other sources say Persekutan Tanah Melayu - Federation of Malay States). The A-4PTM flew for the first time on April 12, 1984 and modified planes were assigned the TUDM serials of M32-07 to M32-40. Six A-4C/A-4L airframes were converted into two-place Skyhawks. This was done by inserting a 28-inch plug into the fuselage. Canopy and tandem seating arrangements were generally similar to those of the Douglas-built TA-4s. These planes were designated TA-4PTM. The TA-4PTM also featured five underwing pylons. The first TA-4PTM took off on its maiden flight on August 28, 1984. The six TA-4PTMs were given the TUDM serials of M32-01 to M32-06. Since they were based on the earlier A-4C/L, the 6 planes were among the few two-seaters, that used the J65 engine (together with early TA-4S from Singapore). Deliveries began in 1985 and were completed by February 1986. A-4PTMs served with No 6 and 9 Squadrons, both based at Kuantan AB, while TA-4PTMs served only with No 6 Squadron. Their service with the TUDM was quite brief. In 1989, it was announced that they were going to be withdrawn from service and replaced by British Aerospace Hawk Mk.208s in late 1994. Six Skyhawks were retained as tanker aircraft, using a centerline Douglas D-704 external buddy tank. By September 1999, the TUDM Skyhawks were no longer operational, and were derelict at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Base at Kuantan. Little information are available about those planes, so I tried to come as close as possible to the real ones. Cockpit is a heavily modded A-4F-cockpit modded around the fact, that the radarscreen was deleted and many intruments were rearranged to fill the space. According to Lt. Khoo those planes didn't have any countermeasures (no ECM, no Chaff/Flare-Dispensers) and probably no RWR. To add some survivability I deceided to leave RWR in the mod. ECM and Dispenser is commented out in the data.ini, so if you want to add those, just remove the //-bits. If you now ask, why the hell do we need a mod of this plane, if it barely can survive in the timeframe it was used? We do not, but I made it, because I could :P I like this plane, because it always was one of the lesser known variants of this well-known plane and for me it is one of the best-looking Skyhawks out there. So, I hope you have some fun with the Jungle Scooter. :) Installation ============ 1. unzip to a temporary folder 2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_MOOD_Folder" and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P 3. enjoy! If the Squadrons are missing in the loadout screen, you should add the following lines in the squadronlist.ini ("<mod>\pilotdata"-folder) with XXX changed to the next free numbers: [SquadronXXX] Name=Malaysia_6SQN DisplayName=6th Squadron Nation=Malaysia [SquadronXXX] Name=Malaysia_9SQN DisplayName=9th Squadron Nation=Malaysia Credits ======= - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, models and the cockpit-parts I used. - Fracture - TA-4 model - Alejandro - Escapac seat - FastCargo - FakePilot - OldDiego - VPAF-Pilot-model - ravenclaw_007 - LAU-3-Rocketpods + Rockets - myself - all other work, including 3D-models (tanks, pylons, addons, refuelingpod) If you created the ????-marked items, please contact me, so I can add your name in the credits! If I forgot someone, please PM me too! Thanks ====== - Crusader for valuable information regarding weaponsstations-arrangement, I found in the forum, aswell as Skyhawk cockpit.ini-tweaks. - mue for his great LODViewer, which was a big help while creating the camos and placing stuff. - Lt. Khoo, a former RMAF Skyhawk Pilot, that provided valuable information. - Paul Ooi from http://www.paulooimodelworks.com/, that brought me in contact with Lt. Khoo. - cocas for help learning 3D-stuff! - RussoUK2004 initial conversion of the pylon-models - denisoliveira infos and help adjusting fakepilots to match the original models look. P.S. ==== If you have any problems with this skin or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me. Disclaimer ========== This mod or parts of it may not be used for payware of any kind. If you use something, give proper credit. 25_01_2016 to 01_10_2017
  16. I finally continued my long term project - Skins for all A-4 Skyhawk squadrons/deployments in Vietnam. New skins aswell as a rework of my older (lower resolution) skins will be included. Have fun! Some progress: VA-15 Valions, 4/1966 - 11/1966, USS Intrepid, A-4B CAG: Line: VA-95 Green Lizards, 4/1966 - 11/1966, USS Intrepid, A-4B VA-153 Det. R Blue Tail Flies, 6/1964 - 12/1964, USS Kearsarge, A-4B VA-12 Flying Ubangis, 3/1970 - 12/1970, USS Shangri-La, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 3/1965 - 11/1965, USS Midway, A-4C VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 6/1966 - 2/1967, USS Coral Sea, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 11/1967 - 5/1968, USS Ranger, A-4C VA-76 Spirits, 1/1967 - 8/1967, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-172 Blue Bolts, 6/1966 - 2/1967, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-172 Blue Bolts, 3/1970 - 12/1970, USS Shangri-La, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-195 Dambusters, 1/1964 - 11/1964, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 4/1965 - 1/1966, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 11/1966 - 5/1967, USS Ticonderoga, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 12/1967 - 8/1968, USS Ticonderoga, A-4C H&MS-15 Det. N Angels, 8/1965 - 3/1966, USS Hornet, A-4C "Fanny Hill" "Ko Sisters" VA-113 Stingers, 1/1968 - 7/1968, USS Enterprise, A-4F VA-93 Blue Blazers, 1/1968 - 10/1968, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4F CAG: Line: VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers, 10/1965 - 7/1966, Chu Lai AB, A-4E VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 1/1968 - 10/1968, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 8/1969 - 4/1970, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 10/1970 - 6/1971, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 1/1972 - 10/1972, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-192 (Worlds Famous) Golden Dragons, 1/1964 - 11/1964, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-106 Gladiators, 6/1968 - 2/1969, USS Intrepid, A-4E to be continiued...
  17. Version v2.0


    Indonesian A-4E & H Skyhawk Pack for Strike Fighters 2 v2.0 by dtmdragon and Nyghtfall ====================================================================== This pack is an updated version of dtmdragons Indonesian Skyhawks pack and brings you nation specific versions of the A-4E_Ahit_73 and A-4H_Ahit_73 with updated INIs based on dtmdragons Ahit Enhancement Pack. Also included are new skins and decals with correct numbers for all single seaters used by Indonesia. In game you will find: "A-4E Skyhawk (Indonesia)" with 3 blue camos (HighViz markings, light gray markings and dark markings according to year) and 1 brown camo (HighViz markings) "A-4H Skyhawk (Indonesia) (Blue Camo)" with the 3 blue camos "A-4H Skyhawk (Indonesia) (Brown Camo)" with the 1 brown camo Please read the included readme for further details! Installation ============ 1. unzip to a temporary folder 2. copy 'Objects'-folder from the zip to your mods 'Objects'-folder, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes'. 3. enjoy! If the Squadrons are missing in the loadout screen, you should add the following lines in the squadronlist.ini ("<mod>\pilotdata"-folder) with XXX changed to the next 2 free numbers: [squadronXXX] Name=SkU11 DisplayName=Skadron Udara 11 Nation=INDONESIA [squadronXXX] Name=SkU12 DisplayName=Skadron Udara 12 Nation=INDONESIA Credits ======= - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, nice models and skins - dtmdragon Idea and basic Mod - Nyghtfall Skins, Decals - Dev A-Team of Capun - CB Productions Thanks ====== - Soulfreak, for your decalpattern, which was a BIG help to improve the baseskin and fill it with "life"! - Blowhard, for the weathering-tutorial at http://www.eaf51.org/Photoshop/Tutorial/Basic_Weathering.htm - all modders at CombatAce for their work and inspiration! P.S. ==== If you have any problems with this skin or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM dtmdragon or Nyghtfall.
  18. A-4M Skyhawk II - USMC - Complete Pack

    Version 1.02


    A-4M Skyhawk II - US Marine Corpse for Thirdwire A-4 Skyhawks v1.02 ================================================================== *** SF2, SF2V, SF2I required (A-4F_74 model, KfirC1_77 cockpit and A-7E HUD-parts). Tested in full 5-merged installation only *** *** DLC 005 A-4K required *** In this mod included are 4 different versions of the plane with the following differences: - A-4M (available 1971-1975): much like A-4F, larger canopy. HighVis markings. - A-4M_75 (available 1975-1981): new nose, larger canopy, fintip fairing, new RHAW-system, HighVis markings. - A-4M_79 (available 1979-1982): new nose, larger canopy, fintip fairing, new RHAW-system, ARBS, LGB capable, early LowVis camouflage. - A-4M_82 (available 1982-1994): new nose, larger canopy, fintip fairing, new RHAW-system, ARBS, LGB capable, AGM-65 Maverick (1985+), later LowVis camouflage. This mod is based on dtmdragons Skyhawk II pack, he unfortunately never released. I used it as base and starting point, but rearranged it a bit, to incorporate new pylons and better reflect updates and the different camouflages used during the years. Included are the following Squadrons: - VMA-131 Diamondbacks (M_82) - VMA-142 Flying Gators (M_82) - VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers (M_75, M_79, M_82) - VMA-214 Black Sheep (M, M_75, M_79, 2x M_82) - VMA-223 Bulldogs (M_75, M_82) - VMA-311 Tomcats (M, M_75, M_82) - VMA-322 Fighting Gamecocks (M_82) - VMA-324 Devildogs (M) - VMA-331 BumbleBees (M, M_75, M_82) My thank goes to Dan (dtmdragon) for the Skyhawk II-Pack! Valuable Information came from 331Killerbee, who worked on the real planes and Muesli - Thanks you guys! A special thanks goes to RussoUK2004, who was patient enough to help me bring the new Blender-made Pylons to SF2! Thanks m8, I really appreciate your help! v1.02 - corrected Hitboxes on all 4 planes, as they were shifted forward for unknown reasons - corrected some lines on A-4K_Body SpecMap and BumpMap - corrected the wrong position of the included sounds-folder - included an alternate PilotModel (provided by FanaticModder, made by ????) - included some new sounds (provided by FanaticModder, made by ????) - included a new 400gal droptank usable on centerline (Thanks cocas for helping with the conversion!) - updated loadout.inis to include the new tank v1.01 - fixed a spelling error in the hangar-screens - changed VMA-331 (1980) CAG decal from "1st Marine Air Wing" to "2nd Marine Air Wing". The former decal is just renamed for easy switching. >>> You can use the Update if you already have v1.01 to just get the changed files! <<< Notes: - new pylons with different missile rails - new ARBS-nose - skins in 4096x4096 - stand-in Kfir-cockpit modified and repainted (no real cockpit available) - 400gal Centerline Tank - corrected Bump- and SpecularMaps for the M (based on DLC A-4K which has them activated) - experimental and can for sure be optimized Installation: 1. unzip to a temporary folder 2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_Mod folder" and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P 3. enjoy! If some squadrons are missing in the loadout screen, you should add the following lines in the squadronlist.ini ("<mod>\pilotdata"-folder) with XXX changed to the next free number for the missing squadrons: [squadronXXX] Name=VMA142 <-- needed for this mod: VMA131, VMA142, VMA211, VMA214, VMA223, VMA311, VMA322, VMA324 and VMA331 DisplayName=VMA-142 'Flying Gators' <-- the actual display text. Names for all squadrons are in "The Mod" section Nation=USMC <-- USMC for all squadrons Credits: - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, models and the cockpit-parts I used. - dtmdragon - original Skyhawk II pack, ini-work, ARBS-configuration - Alejandro - A-4M/N canopy/nose mods, Escapac-seat - FastCargo - Fakepilot - ravenclaw_007 - all weapon-models included - RussoUK2004 - conversion of all Pylon-models, improvements - cocas - conversion of the 400gal tank model - FanaticModder - provided the sounds, made by ???? - OldDiego/XRAY (not sure) - av8pilot, USMCNM2-pilot - ???? - F-16B_PavePenny-model - ???? - J52-Engine-Sound - me - ini-work, Pylon- and Tankmodels (Blender), paintwork, hangar/loadingscreens, modified cockpit Please PM me, if I forgot you or you know one of the unknown heroes! Thanks: - mue for his great LODViewer, which was a big help while creating the camos and placing stuff! - Crusader several threads as inspiration for the cockpit-mod and how to setup and change things. Those were valuable information. Thanks! - RussoUK2004 creation of BumpMaps tutorial from the forums P.S. If you have any problems with this skin or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me. This pack is freeware and the parts I am responsible for, may not be used for payware of any kind. If you want to use anything, just do so, but give credits. Thanks 10_06_2016
  19. What more of a sign do you need? After years of silence and ignoring the SF2 community TK came out of nowhere and wanted money. He found a few guys, that had enough hope, that this move was not just some sort of fake. And after not getting enough, he decided to go back into silence again... In my opinion, maybe at one time for a very short time he really had the idea of doing an up-to-date version, but this moment is gone for a long time. I know what not to expect.
  20. View File SF2 Vietnam Scooters SF Vietnam Scooters - v0.95 =========================== *** SF2, SF2V required. Tested in full 5-merged installation *** This pack includes 111 Skins for Thirdwires A-4 Skyhawk-models during Vietnam war from 1964 to 1972. It combines the former v0.01 and v0.02 releases into 1 pack. The data.inis for the planes itself are changed from the stockfiles (rearranged weaponsstations, added invisible skids for belly-landings, added new droptanks and missilerails, etc.). Sometimes a skin is provided for 2 different Skyhawk-models. This is done to represent different changes througout an ongoing deployment: - transition from one Skyhawk-variant to another (for example A-4E to A-4F) - retrofit of ECM-equipment (Project Shoehorn) (A-4C to A-4C_65, A-4E to A-4E_65, A-4E_65 to A-4E_67) - change in Camouflage (VA-155) Skins included (Timeframe 1964 to 1972): (compl.) means, that skins, for all deployments to Vietnam are finished for a squadron. Navy Squadrons: VA-12 Flying Ubangis (compl.) VA-15 Valions (1 of 2) VA-22 Fighting Redcocks (compl.) VA-23 Black Knights (compl.) VA-34 Blue Blasters (compl.) VA-36 Roadrunners (compl.) VA-46 Clansmen (compl.) VA-55 Warhorses (4 of 7) VA-56 Champions (compl.) VA-72 Blue Hawks (compl.) VA-76 Spirits (1 of 2) VA-93 Blue Blazers (1 of 4) VA-94 Mighty Shrikes (3 of 6) VA-95 Green Lizards (compl.) VA-106 Gladiators (compl.) VA-112 Broncos (compl.) VA-113 Stingers (1 of 3) VA-144 Roadrunners (5 of 6) VA-146 Blue Diamonds (1 of 3) VA-152 Fighting Aces (compl.) VA-153 Blue Tail Flies (compl.) VA-155 Silver Foxes (compl.) VA-163 Saints (compl.) VA-164 Ghost Riders (compl.) VA-172 Blue Bolts (compl.) VA-192 Golden Dragons (compl.) VA-195 Dambusters (4 of 5) VA-212 Rampant Raiders (compl.) VA-216 Black Diamonds (1 of 3) Marines Squadrons: VMA-121 Green Knights (compl.) VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers (1 of 4) VMA-214 Black Sheep (compl.) VMA-223 Bulldogs (compl.) VMA-225 Vagabonds (compl.) VMA-311 Tomcats (1 of 6) H&MS-15 Angels (compl.) Unfortunately I failed at finishing this MOD! For different reasons, I decided to not invest any more time into this. I hope you can still enjoy this pack. Have fun! Unpacking and installation: =========================== !!! IMPORTANT !!! !!! I recommend using this pack for a standalone-Vietnam-War MOD-folder, as planes.inis are changed accordingly !!! That means, that no exportusers are in userlist.ini Backup your A-4B. A-4B_65, A-4C, A-4C_65, A-4E, A-4E_65, A-4E_67 and A-4F planefolders, as .inis will be overwritten 1. Create a temporary folder, copy all 3 zip-files into that folder and unpack them into this folder (overwrite is ok) Info: If you do NOT want to include the changed data.inis to your installation, just go to all planes-folders in the temporary folder (Objects/Aircraft/A-4B, etc.) and delete all ini.files in each planes-folder. 2. open "Put_Contents_In_Your_MOD_Folder" from the temporary folder and copy the contents you want to your Vietnam-MOD-folder 3. if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' 4. Thats it! Credits ======= - Thirdwire and TK the game and models - FastCargo for the fakepilot - Alejandro for Escapac-Seat - OldDiego for pilotmodels - ravenclaw_007 for AGM-12C+E Bullpup - ???? for Walleye_I model - ???? for sounds - me - template, skins, decals, ini- and 3D-work of tanks, rails and addons, walleye-repaint P.S. ==== This MOD or parts of it may not be included in any PAYWARE-packs, PAYWARE-mods or "PAY"-related. It is free! If you use the MOD or parts of it, you should give proper credits. Submitter Nyghtfall Submitted 10/13/2022 Category A-4  

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