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  1. CA-WW1 - the Roland Walfisch

    Well, your mission reports were so compelling, and the screen captures for WOFF so impressive, that I went and bought the thing. I'm loving the immersion and the beautiful experience of it all, but in a way, I wish it was more difficult to fly. I've been playing RoF for about six months now, and although I'm still a noob, I have really enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment, especially battling with the earlier planes and getting them into the air and back down again in one piece. Now that I'm flying missions and getting the occasional victory, it feels very satisfying :) WOFF 2 and RoF morphed together would be perfect :) Let's see what RoF comes up with in the single player department next year. Cheers, and keep those mission reports coming! H
  2. CA-WW1 - the Roland Walfisch

    Man, really enjoying your mission posts! A great evening's entertainment thus far :) H
  3. Wonderful stuff! Thank you for a highly enjoyable read, 33Lima! H

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