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  1. Hellcats Over the Pacific Retrospective

    Brings back memories... Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe was also another amazing early 90's title...ran awesome on my 386 :)
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for a VA-164 skin. I grew up hearing about my dad's cousin who had been shot down over Vietnam while flying off Oriskany . Recently I found a little more about him. He was a Lt. JG in VA-164 flying A-4Es. I remember as a kid being part of a letter writing campaign asking the Vietnamese government to turn over any remains or evidence of US servicemen. Flying A-4s in SF2 with the same unit markings he had in a small way connects me to the past and doesn't let his sacrifice go unremembered. Thanks.
  3. Su-34 Skins

    Cada vez que alguem posta um skin do Su-34 a mesma pergunta e pegido sem uma resposta. Tem algo de haver com proprierdade intelectual.
  4. I use it mostly for making "Single Missions" with carriers. Its great because otherwise I'm stuck using a campaigns if I want to fly off a carrier. It gives you a more control over who you might be flying against. I feel way more pulled into the missions when I've gone through the trouble of setting them up with way-points and even using some terrain like the Bekka Valley or Iceland fjords and setting my altitude. Weapons are still dictated by loadout.ini configs, so not much control over specific weapons on missions, but you can still change that once you get into the mission. By default it saves the missions in your single mission load option so you can go back and revisit that same mission and alter it including using a different aircraft which I like to do. The one I've been looking at is the Campaign Generator.
  5. Would somebody take on those helicopters

    Last time there was a sale on Steam for TOH I got it. Not sure it was a wise buy but it was only $10 so I made the move. I played the campaign once and have had a hard time getting into it the Mi-24. If you want to get a feel for what its like, download the demo and see if you like it. Its interesting how they are able to blend a sim with a FPS but in the end it feels like a flying the helicopters in ARMA with a joystick and throttle instead of keyboard and mouse. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X missions but with more fidelity. Seeing the SWAT team fast rope down from the helo was a nice touch in TOH. The down side was that in order to land you have to go into "hover mode". Since I can land a helicopter in MSX no problem I figured I could do the same in TOH without needing the "hover mode". Not so. I crashed or hard landed almost every time. That said, once you've transitioned to forward flight its pretty fun, especially the N.O.E. flight. The Mi-24 was a bit of a disappointment. I've been looking for a way to get in the virtual Hind cockpit and this wasn't what I was looking for. I must admit I haven't put a lot of effort into getting to learn it, but it it is a "light-sim". I'm having a lot more fun just fly the Hip in DCS in the quick missions. For the money, if you're looking for a sim to fill up a few weekends it makes sense, but its not like Strike Fighters, IL-2, or MSX that keep me coming back especially with a great community behind them.
  6. DCS 1.2.6 Update 2 is Now Available

    Is the reflector sight for the UH-1 #1 seat on the list?
  7. Where do you get the WalleyeII_12 guided weapon? Its in the default strike load-out in this mod, but that weapon is not included in SF2 or any weapons updates that I can find.
  8. It was amazing...few about 1000 feet over UCSC. F-15E in chase. Sorry about the poor mobile phone image.
  9. I'm still having issues launching off Invincible. Even with the new .INI file I still am having pitching up issues about half way down the deck. I've taken to hitting autopilot right after break-release and it works. Anything else I could try?
  10. The Bear bombers drop enough chaff "so that a man could walk from Greenland to Iceland to Scotland without getting his feet wet". I've never successfully taken one down with a AIM-7 however my wingmen tend to be able to. The other Soviet bombers are another story and much easier to hit. I have more luck with the Pheonixs but the Bears are pretty good at spoofing radar guided missiles. I usually get close and engage with AIM-9s with good effect on target. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong.
  11. ...if you make the A-6E flyable in SF2:NA you see it available in the Northern Saber Campaign?
  12. Better add Mi-24s if you want to keep it "by the book". Also if I remember right, it was the USAF who make the first strikes on Iceland with F-111s from Greenland. The Buffs stood off with the "music on" and pumped out chaff. Got the Mig-29s to scramble to intercept the B-52s while the F-111s (or was it F-4s) came in low and took out a radar installation or SAM sight. Its been a while since I last RSR. I started it on an international flight and couldn't put it down.
  13. Muito legal. Seria otimo com marcas do FAB.
  14. Sea King Mk.41 German Navy

    Danke! Amazing detail and great animations. Well done.

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