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  1. Falco Squadron close up on tail

    PL is for Phuku Lagolla, their base sited under Griswall. The XFTES is for "Experimental Flight Technology Evaluation Squadron". The Falco Squadron was principally a unit for testing new aircraft, that's why they fly mostly experimental fictional planes of Ace Combat X/Xi. They are supposed to be 4 members.
  2. Falco Squadron Remade skin

    The actual canon plane of Falco 1 is supposed to be the YF-23A or the XFA-24A Apalis, but there's no models of the Apalis.
  3. img01092.JPG

  4. F-22A Gryphus (bottom)

    Bottom of the plane. There's the two Aurelia emblems.
  5. Close up of the tails

    Check also zachtan's version. I liked so much the AAF emblem over the Aubrey Base insignia, that I decided to add it also to my skin. But canonically, the Gryphus Squadron F-22A doesn't have it.
  6. Gryphus skin for F-22A Remade

    Check also zachtan version
  7. img01098.JPG

  8. img01097.JPG

  9. img01096.JPG

  10. Sunrise Goodbye

    The colour of the livery should be darker and the emblem in low-visual. Good job anyway, I like that you have used the AAF emblem on the top of the tails ! I don't know what file of the F-22A are you using, mine still have visible poligons.
  11. F-15C Galm Team (Ace Combat Zero)

    Looks good ! Check also my skins folder, there's a bit of mine !
  12. My Skins

    Disclaimer: I AM NOT the owner of the models, I've just downloaded them, and made some skins to my favourites. As I am a huge fan of Ace Combat, in this album will be a lot of skins dedicated to the protagonists of the game series. So I can add some little details, but there's nothing really creative. Also, I don't know if other users made the same skins, I've started with default planes before modding the game.
  13. Does this cockpit works also on Strike Fighters Gold ? I have downloaded it, but if I try to insert this instead the default one, when I swich to first person view there's no cockpit.

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