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  1. Awesome mod and at first it seems to work just fine, but: Installation you have: SF2 +NA+E+V Path: D/SFII (custom folder) - mod folder: C/Users/Local/Saved Games/Third Wire/Eldorado Canyon & Gulf of Sidra Incident Type of problem: Libyan MiGs and SUs both don't have the engine sounds and neither an aferburner visible ( MiG regained its sound after I moved some MiG engine sounds from other folders into the mod sound folder) and SU somehow engaged visible afterburner effect, but niether engine nor afterburner sounds are present) Campaign working (YES/NO): flew a CAP mission over Tripoli with a F/A-18 Hornet (Wildcats sqdn?), received ground fire and a mission was accounted as successful although the Tomcats did the job, returned to the carrier, landed and on exiting the mission the game crashed to desktop Air unit of the campaign: Wildcats sqdn? Plane used by the air unit F/A-18 Hornet Any thoughts? Eager to play it. Thanks a lot for that.
  2. @Stratos - thanks, I always take that into conisderation, but sure do hope for the best; the custom campaigns seem to have more appeal to me. Apparently the stock ones are not that great that people with some more konwledge must have come to the conclusion they might be better ... and the better is the enemy of the good, nay? I think the problem here might have been that the bombers reached and perhaps even hit Keflavik while my flight ws after the escorts - the IFF here and proper target acquisition are a nuisance here, aren't they? On the other hand the flight control didn't notify us about a mission failure as it happen amidst the action when you simply don't make it .But thanks never the less ... @Wrench ... nope, didn't dawn on me at all - and mind you I am being sarcastic. Didn't crave for the direct answers, just hoped for some suggestions and ideas as a matter of fact on assumption that such a vast community may share some ... You think that asking about how often people attempt and succeed at manual carrier landings is also a no-go here? Thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, guys ... and mind you yes I am being sarcastic.
  4. So I have installed the excellent eburger66's mod for SF2:NA - that way I must have had SF2, Vietnam, Europe and North Atlantic merged into one installation - and been mastering my skills in single missions for quite some time, but recently found myself confident enough to start a campaign, at least as a Tomcat driver. The case is that the first mission was interception over Keflavik - I landed on fumes, the engine stopped working a few feet above the deck, whole squadron returned intact with at least five enemies downed, the mission was deeemed a success with 250 or 2500 points - can't remeber now - but at the same time \i ggot a message that the enemy achieved their strategic objectives, the campaign was a failure and finished at once. I have searched here and there how to trigger the mission end in a campaign fter its successful completion, but ended up empty-handed. That was the custom '75 campaign I was trying.

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