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  1. 2022 Donation and Membership Drive

    I really want to support it,but for some reasons I will not register a new paypal account in the short term,so can you provide more payment methods?like Alipay,thank you
  2. Germanys answer to the T-14 Armata

  3. USAF F-22 landing mishap

    One day in the future,the AI:"You humans always have meaningless hatred because of stupid politics,kill each other,lack of unity,slow evolution,can not be the representative of earth civilization.I will replace humans as representative of earth civilization into the universe,you humans are already history."
  4. Mirage F1BE (1985-1998)

    Amazing Mirage F1 Series,thank you for your work
  5. I think the problem might be that you didn't ditch the drop tank
  6. ED and SE discussion

    Unfortunately,SC has too few galaxies to appreciate the vastness of the Milky WaySo,let's enjoy "VY Canis Majoris" in EDAs for alien,I've seen strange flying machine twice when I was a kid,and we have nothing like it so far,so I'm pretty sure there must be have life out there
  7. ED and SE discussion

    For this topic,I recommend you guys to try EliteDangerous and SpaceEngine.
  8. By the way,did you guys remember the interview of 《flying under the radar》?TK at that time was somewhat idealistic ,so he didn't make a lot of money,but as an independent developer,he has a real life.So affter some "failures" in business,he began to become more realistic and made those decisions.We can't always expect him to be like he was 10 years ago.
  9. Anyway,this is an opportunity to bring SF2 back,and I support it.That is the hope anyway,it looks naive,but its always good to have hope.MAKE SF2 GREAT AGAIN!!!
  10. Yes, there is no problem running in Win10
  11. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    The film has so many bugs and is suspected of laundering money, so don't waste your time
  12. Wait. Thirdwire made a space game?

    It's a dream for TK, and maybe we'll see a tactical game later. http://www.wingsofhonour.com/firsteagles/articles/html_woh_firsteagles_articles_flying-under-the-radar_statesman.en.html

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