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  1. Please disregard this post. I'm now trying to figure out how to delete a post!
  2. I've been away from SF2 for about 6 months or so and started flying again today. I wanted to tweak a few controls on my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X unit as I have done in the past. When I go to the "Options/Control" and then "Customize" screen it only gives me the option of makeing changes to the keyboard. On the Control screen it recognizes the Thrustmaster but in the Customize area there is no way I can find to make button assignments on the controller. The previously customized control file is still there. I get the same results on Viet Nam, Korea, Desert Storm and North Atlantic. All previously worked. Thoughts and help please!!!!!!
  3. Thanks, Wrench. I have that file but the only thing in it is First Eagles like in yours. Must be hidden someplace else......... It seems to work just fine without that step so I'll just go with it. Thanks again.
  4. This is a question on the installation of the same package and I apologize in advance if this is a breach of etiquette but since it's a very current discussion I'll take a shot anyway. I've been away from SF-2 for quite a while and I am able to get through the set up of the new folders, and change the mod files but when it came to modifying the .ini files I'm at a loss. The instruction says: " Mod specific .ini configs a. In your SF2 installation directory where all the game .exe resides, make a copy of StrikeFighters2 Israel.ini (or any other similar ini) and rename it StrikeFighters2 Korea.ini. Open the newly created .ini and find the following: " I can't find or remember where to find these .ini files. I've installed many of these (Falklands, Iran-Iraq, Red Storm, Norway, Darius, etc) so I must have found them in the past but can't now. I'm using Windows 10. Sorry for the dumb question. I appreciate your patience.......
  5. I have the same issue with trees on Isfahan AB - Trees on the runway is a little disconcerting, especially on landing! But otherwise a great mod. Thanks.

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