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  1. Adding Pylons...

    also, SC Brood War was the best back in the day. 10/10 would play again. Faith before fear.
  2. sooo I read this thread earlier form the SFP1 database: and there's some sort of link there to something in the knowledge base. And I don't know if it'll work or not.. I want to do the exact same thing that the other guy wanted to do. Except with one added hitch: I also want to add a third IRM pylon below/above the other IRM pylons on the F-8. now, can someone please explain in simple language without any weird jargon-acronymmy thingamajigs to a guy who's completely, utterly new to modding how he can add pylons and things to these planes? Do I need to re-download blender? Can I use LODViewer instead? What code do I need to insert? What is the current name of that thread in the sfP1 knowledge base, and can I still use it? Is 42 really the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything? Sincerely Stormy
  3. Adding Pylons...

    The links won't open. And that's why. Also, I deeeefinitely don't have 3ds access.
  4. SF2 A-4C(65) VA-113 'Stingers' Camo Skin Pack

    Been looking for a skin like this one for a while! Cheers, mate!
  5. SARCASM v 1.5

    Sorry for bumping this, but I just really wanted to thank you for adding this mod in mate- it really really really helps bring new flavour to a not-so-old game! Cheers, and if you're still working on SF2, keep up the bloody awesome work!
  6. Modding Tutorials?

    both, actually. thanks.
  7. Hi there- Are there any modding tutorials out there, or maybe suggested modelling programs? I haven't found any consolidated single guide... - Mantis
  8. Stary's old bombsight?

    yep. holy scat, it actually works. ... thank you for enabling me to unceremoniously blow s*** up at the rate of 108 booms per 6.48 seconds
  9. Hi there, people- I heard tell from an old ini file that apparently, that *begins whispering* once upon a time, our Great Lord and Saviour, Stary, the Protector of the Red Side Cockpit, made a **BOMBSIGHT**. where would I find the standalone for this? thanks in advance, Stormy
  10. Stary's old bombsight?

    just got a reply back from stary... and it's just... sad. It's actually a custom cockpit model. to implement his thing, you'd have to make an ENTIRELY new cockpit, THEN implement it. also, isn't that from the canberras in the SF2 1948-1956 redux pack? (never got the bombsights working...)
  11. Stary's old bombsight?

    I havent been able to find much, unfortunately- any luck on your side of the spectrum? at worst, I'll probs have to figure out how the F*** CCIP bombsights work and rig up something using the normal B-52D sight (not the IL-28 file rips)
  12. Stary's old bombsight?

    got the files I was using- they're off the SF2V AG expansion pack (the b-52D) what happens with these (after copy-pasting the ENTIRETY OF STARY'S IL-28's COCKPIT DIRECTORY INTO THE FOLDER) is that the caged gunsight shows up ok (although waaay oversized, see screenshot 997) but the CCIP gunsight does two things: a. refuses to show the bombsight frame like it does on an IL-28 b. refuses to CCIP, although it DOES roll. B-52D.ini B-52D_AVIONICS.INI B-52D_COCKPIT.INI B-52D_DATA.INI
  13. Stary's old bombsight?

    I can't make head OR tail of what's in there. I've tried copying the bombsight-related stuff from the AVIONICS.ini and COCKPIT.ini of the Beagle cockpit but all that does is make something weird. also, the bombsight can't CCIP for s***, and the windscreen frame thingo is missing.
  14. hi there- Are you going to be making an MD.450B as well, to accompany the 450A? Edit: that is to say, are you going to be adding the extra two hardpoints any time soon? you appear to have made the four-fifty B, but without the extra two bomb hardpoints that it had.
  15. I've found a crud ton of area 88 skins for SF1, but none at all for SF2. does anyone have a stockpile o' these, or know how to make one?
  16. hello sir, I would like to alert you to the fact that I have found that in the B-52D an alternate strategy of usage is to have the red-coloured box with the target 6km away when dropping mk82s from 2533m. the strategy is as follows: 1. align with waypoint 5 via means of autopilot 2. using elevators adjust altitude to ~2500-2550m 3. use shift+A to level wings at appropriate altitude 4. adjusting speed to around 600-700km/h 5. waiting until target is 6km out 6. rippling off bombs. this tactic results in an early kill of ground targets, whether it be a lowly tent, clustered POL tanks, to a ship in Haiphong harbor. using the same technique via rippling off 42 bombs each time, unloading wing hardpoints, and having all three bomb bay slots filled with 42 mk82s with the aformentioned rippling 42 strat. can result in efficient saturation bombardment of a target from up to three directions.
  17. so, I was having a fit of immaturity-induced rage when I hit upon an Idea: whatabout a supersonic skyhawk? now I've tried and tried aain, but I can't get a stock a-4e skyhawk (1967) above mach 1.04. blueprints below. can someone tell me how to get it above say around mach 2.6? A-4E_67_DATA.INI
  18. making a-4s supersonic

    because a. I love me Heinmann's hot rod b. I want to do a supersonic intruder mission with it on the desert map campaigns c. I reeeeeaaaaaalllly just want to see my friend's face when he sees what I did to the aircraft he LOVES shooting down d. I wanna shoot stuff down with it area-88 esque: I already made it able to out turn and outmaneuver a MiG-21 from just above GL to around 13000 feet also, this aircraft seems to be unlandable and uncontrollable by the AI. any reasons why?

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