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  1. I suspected as such when it came to NATO Fighters and the Weapons Pack. Tomorrow i'll reinstall everything sans the Pack and see what happens. I suspect everything should be fine.
  2. Never had this happen in all these years and normally i would wipe out everything and reinstall but i was wondering what caused it. I did the usual fresh install of WOE from the disk, applied the usual patches, Range, the classic Weapons Pack, and NATO Fighters I through IV. Same as it's always been. Three flights into the 79 campaign and i notice Mig 21s and 23s taking off with no missiles. Instantly i know i screwed up somewhere and prep to reinstall. But first i figure i'd ask on what might have happened so to avoid repeating the error.
  3. Ok, i re-read this with a clear head and all is fine. Got the dll in the location recommended and the game is running. Thanks for the help.
  4. Yes, that is how i remember it. This issue came up back in 2014 IIRC and here in the forums was the answer where it went. I've been looking around but haven't found it yet.
  5. Been a long time since i did fully fresh install of WOE Gen1 and came up with the expected d3dx9_39.dll thing. I've have what's needed, but forgot where it was supposed to go. So before i go messing about i figured i'd ask here first.
  6. Your First Sim

    Silent Service on a friend's Commodore 64.
  7. It's actually not that big a deal. If things are irritatingly screwed up, i've found out that deleting the saved games folder everything reverts back to a clean install. Then it's a matter of being more aware of what you are adding and where. Something more tricky is like the infamous .97 mach limitation/error where something like a clean Thud at low level in full burner can't get supersonic.
  8. I've been thinking it over and it looks like i'll go plain again and be very specific on the material from the updates. It's not like i'm in a real hurry anyway and it's not too much to sort most things out going by the numbers. Next attempt should have it spot on.
  9. Funny thing about the packs + updates. I went step by step in case i did something wrong last time and went right back to the original glitchy state. No big deal, i just put it back to vanilla and carried on. This time i went carefully through the updates and only installed certain things. Been testing things out and all is fine with the aircraft except the A6 cockpits and i'm perfectly satisfied to leave them be as i rarely fly them. The last minor things to straighten out are the flak tracers as it's just 37mm, none of the others, and the smoke column from SAM launches.
  10. That did the trick. I so completely forgot about the Mod folder that i actually had to look up how to find it. Saved the screenshots, deleted everything else and it zapped back to a vanilla install. I'll start on Ace Pilot flying a mission or two then install the Vietnam Air and Ground packs to return to recce work. Many Thanks.
  11. I've just run into the weirdest thing ever with a TW product. It's been a long time since i was flying and there were a few annoying glitches and such so i figured on just wiping everything and reinstalling from scratch. So i did and got a bit of a surprise. Not only were the same aircraft glitches still there, but the pilot roster and a couple of saved campaigns were there also. So i wiped everything again and this time went to C\ to make sure every last trace was gone and installed again. Same result. So i figured maybe something is up with the SF2 install exe so i moved it and all other SF material to a flash drive and copied another exe i had stored as a backup on an external HD. Took a look at C\ again, installed and damned if everything was still the same! Perhaps it's some kind of quirk in my computer?
  12. I'll be back in action soon. Likely either once again in a Voodoo or a what the hell challenge flying a Huey.
  13. Ok, sounds like a usual thing so i'll go about things with care and carry on. One thing about the Canberra i've never noticed before. A bombsight? Is it functional at least a bit and is it accessible?
  14. Had a few issues after the latest round of dealing with files. I looked at every plane in single mission and these were the ones that stood out as something i can't deal without asking for advice. Like the A-6 series of aircraft had no cockpits, but i've seen that before and shouldn't have much of a problem with that. The ones in the screenshots though, i don't want to mess around and screw things badly enough to have to reinstall (Yes, i've done that before)

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