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patino class spain oiler fleet




13-15/07/2017 SF2 E / NA


Spanish oiler Pati?o


Pati?o is a replenishment oiler of the Spanish Navy.
It was named after the Spanish navy minister Jos? Pati?o Rosales, who reorganized the fleet on the orders of Philip V of Spain.


The ship was ordered in December 1991 from Navantia. It was launched on 22 June 1994 and completed in June 1995.
Pati?o was commissioned in June 1995 with the pennant number A14. The vessel's homeport is at Naval Station Rota.
The design of the ship is similar to HNLMS Amsterdam of the Royal Netherlands Navy, the vessels were developed in cooperation.
Pati?o was mostly a civilian design. The vessel is 170 metres (560 ft) and measures 17,045 tons but displaces 7,780 tons.
The oiler has a crew of 148 plus 20 extra berths. Pati?o is designed to carry up to five - 5 - helicopters.
It has a normal complement of only three -3- Sikorsky SH-3 Sea Kings with 19 air crew provided.
Pati?o participated in =
-Operation Sharp Guard, 1996
-Operation Allied Action, 1998
-Operation Enduring Freedom
-Somalia, 2010 to 2015
-12 January Piracy Incident / Pati?o was attacked by Somali pirates..carrying food aid to Somalia for the World Food Programme
-Canada, 2016
-S F 2
The ships were designed as .....Fleet Oiler TANKER for the Squadron escorts ....and Carrier's in SF2 .
There is a Deck...to Land and Take_off.....and a 2 parking places.The Hangar Door is Open.
( change the .inis if you want to be as a Carrier)
ATTENTION THE SHIP WILL NOT SHOW UP if the dates are Before 1995 ....!!!!
( change the dates in the .inis)


To Install:


For all users: unzip, as I always reccomend, to a temp folder or you desktop, or somewheres else that easy to find.....!!!
=For SF2 Series Users:
These are the simple instructions ...
Copy/Paste the Object's main folder into your ....... /Objects/ GroundObjects folder.


Then, take the subfolder marked Decal's (this contains the hull number decals), and copy/paste it into you .........Objects/Decals subfolder.
It's all set up for nearly instant use.


3D Model: AceSfakia
The Model is new.They are also a payment Model in the Turbosquid site ...if you want a better Looking Ship of Pattino Class.!!
Gun's.ini files,Sound's effect's etc : COMBATACE, T W Modder's
-This Model is FREEWARE under combatace...... ! Feel free to use this mod for any future projects as long as proper credit is given..
All copyrights reserved.
This is freeware; it CAN be distrubuted if the original readmes and all other pieces of the package remain intact.
The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes.
This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions.
Any persons wishing to make further modfications, MUST remember to put everyone's name in it..


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Muchas gracias por tu aporte amigo.Un gran abrazo. Cuidate :)

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