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  1. PLAAF J-10A Firefly

    This package includes effects,sounds,seat,pilot and weapons.
    PL-8 was made from ravenclaw's Python3
    Pit and Model from insky team
    Camo Texture download in CA,but l forget who did it,sorry about that.........
    Diaoyu island is China's territory?????


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  2. Chengdu J-10A Vigorous Dragon SF2

    **********************Chengdu J-10A Vigorous Dragon SF2*********************
    Original for SF1 series came without the ReadME so I'll have to improvise a bit:
    1. CREDITS
    Original creators of this excellent mod for SF series are:
    Insky group (www.Insky.cn)
    Erwin_Hans and others...
    Just extract into your MOD folder, everything is thoroughly tested and 100% working!
    3. A BIT ABOUT THIS VERY INTERESTING MACHINE(with help of wiki and other sources)
    The J-10 is a multi-role combat aircraft capable of all-weather day/night operation.
    J-10 was designed by the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute (CADI), a subordinate research institute of Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAIC).
    J-10 is aerodynamically unstable design, a digital quadruplex-redundant fly-by-wire flight control system aids the pilot in flying the aircraft. It features a full glass cockpit and is equiped with three MFD's providing the information to the pilot.
    On top of that Pilot is aided by helmet-mounted display (HMD) system, making J-10 and even more dangerous modern dogfighter!
    As for the electronics, J-10 is equiped with internal ECM suite which can be supplemented by active jammer pods such as the BM/KG300G carried externally on the aircraft's hardpoints. Additionally, the KZ900 signals intelligence (SIGINT) pod can be carried for reconnaissance missions.
    It also packs a Chineese designed and produced IRST "Type Hongguang-I" which has a maximum range of 75 km.
    Radar info I was looking for was not quite detailed so all I found out was this:
    "CAC revealed that the J-10 is equipped with an indigenous fire-control radar featuring a mechanically slewed planar array antenna, capable of tracking 10 targets and engaging 2 (using semi-active radar-homing AAM) or 4 (using active radar-homing AAM) of them simultaneously. Possibly based on Russian or Israeli technologies, the radar is believed to be comparable to the early 1990s-era Western fighter radar designs. Alternatively the J-10 could be fitted with a range of fire-control radar introduced by Russian, Israeli, and European manufacturers on its export variant."
    The engine J-10A is currently using is Lyulka-Saturn AL-31FN, it's pretty much the same thing as AL-31F only while F is meant for two engine use, FN is specifically set for single engine usage.
    Later it is suspected that J-10 will use domestic WS-10A (WoShan-10A) Taihang turbofan engine giving a thrust of 129 kN
    The aircraft's internal armament consists of a 23 mm twin-barrel cannon, located underneath the port side of the intake. Other weaponry and equipment is mounted externally on 11 hardpoints, to which around 4,500 kg (9,900 lb) of weaponry such as missiles and bombs, drop-tanks containing fuel and other equipment such as avionics pods can be attached.
    A2A missiles:
    PL-8 - basically this is Israeli Python3 missile so don't count on having it easy in combat with it especially since J-10A is highly manouverable
    PL-11 - SAHM basically a copy of Italian ASPIDE missile which is in turn a version of AIM-7
    PL-12 - a very nasty AHM missile comparable to AIM-120 and R-77
    For more detailed info check:
    For Chineese missiles and equipment info check
    Anyway in the end I seriously like this plane and Insky group made a really, REALLY good job on it so...enjoy


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