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Nato Fighters 4 plus Fix pack and AAA addon

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Readme Fixpack and AAA effects addon for NF4+



Added AAA effects done by malibu43 and eburger.


Added the missing Nuke effect for the MK28ex ( using Stary's EE3 nuke effect)


Fixed the missing AB effect in the F-111D


Laserpods added to the CF-18


SU-27 pit fixed


How to install: Simply Copy the StrikeFighters2 Europe folder and paste it into your mods folder, allow to overwrite when promted.


This fix is only intended to be used in a June09B enviroment.

If you use it in a merged install with SF2I and it pork up your install, you're on you own since you have been warned.




The NF4+ team

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Well, it works just fine on a merged install...


except the afterburners, but i've already found some topics about that on this forum....




and if it does wreck up your game, simply delete the thirdwire folder in user\saved games and the game will probably work after that... (you lose your mods and saved games ofcourse)

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For some reason, I do not see the the typical F-4 smoke trail when using this in a Strike Fighters 2 Europe Feb 2010 stand-alone install. Does anybody know what may cause this?

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Any word on if NATO 4+ will be fixed so it can run on the latest versions of SF2? I had to buy and download SF2:E and Israel from Thirdwire about a month ago. But when you download them straight from Thirdwire they are updated to the latest version. Currently May 2010 I believe.

I had NATO Fighters 1, 2, 3, and 4 with WOE and it was awesome so I would love to have this addon for SF2.

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