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In Defence of Texas: Alamo 2010 Campaign

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Alamo 2010 Campaign


v1.1 Update


Expanded ground war for two fronts

Expanded number of ground units

Revised Nations for Latin American enemy pilot names and aircraft markings

Corrected bug where SU-39 units did not appear



Confederacy 2010 Campaign



Just a couple of fun campaigns for use on Wrench's ASW terrain.


There are lots of modern planes, action, BVR death and mayhem. Survivability is low.


These are just for fun. The backstories are not to be taken seriously.


See the "Requirements" files in each of the campaign folders for , uh, requirements.


Any questions, give me a shout on Combatace.


Cheers all,







Alamo 2010


Global Terror takes a new twist with the supremacy of Neo-Fascist rule in South America.


States bordering the new Fourth Reich are given a simple ultimatum: submit or be obliterated.


The National Socialist party sweeps to power in Mexico, peddling a litany of hatred and racism. Blaming the country's woes on its rich American neighbour, the Mexican vassal state of the New Fourth Reich launches a blitzkrieg into Texas. Funded by world Fascism, the latest available technology is pitted against the USAF. . .


As the Texicans scramble to defend their state, the battle cry goes out. . .


Remember the Alamo!





Confederacy 2010


Against the backdrop of challenging world opinion and the continuing war on terror, and the ever-growing clamour following alleged civil and human rights abuses, coupled with growing crime and murder rates on the domestic front, the liberal and progressionist leader of the USA proposes a new Bill of Rights to Congress. Abolishing the Right to Bear Arms and the Death Penalty, the Bill provokes the greatest intellectual and popular debate on the state of the American Nation for 150 years. When the Bill passes the first stage of the legislative process, a powerful lobby of State Governors demand a referendum of the people before the Federal Government proceeds further. The referendum is held, but the result referred to the Federal Supreme Court following a "miscount" in a crucial swing State.


The Bill is passed on the authority of the Supreme Court. Allegations of political interference in judicial independence are levelled, but the Washington Administration holds firm. The Federal Government issues an ultimatum: an amnesty for all citizens who surrender their weapons within 30 days, otherwise face prosecution to the full extent of the new law.

The State Governors of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina responded: no citizen shall be required to surrender any weapon, invoking the Second Amendment as interpreted by the US Supreme Court Decision of "District of Columbia vs Heller" 2008 07-290.


Washington is unimpressed, citing the authority of the legislative process of the Federal Government. Popular demonstrations in the southern states multiply. As the western world looks on in horror, the Federal Government mobilises national troops to "maintain public order in disruptive States." The State Governors protest that such an order is unconstitutional. As the first Federal soldiers cross State borders, the Governors call out the militias in defence of their citizens' constitutional rights. With emotions running high, the call is answered. . .



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