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Strike Fighters 2 Israel Patch: June 2010

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Strike Fighters 2 Israel Jun 2010

Readme File




Table of Contents



1. Update Notes

2. Troubleshooting

3. Contacting Customer Support



1. Update Notes



This update is for Strike Fighters 2 Israel without the Expansion

Pack 1 installed, either stand-alone or merged to other Strike

Fighters 2 games.


This update contains all the fixes from previous updates, and

it can be applied to any version of the game. Earlier updates

do not need to be applied.


If you have installed any mods to the game, please check the

ChangeList.txt for a list of updated files. If any data files

you've extracted have been changed, you must manually delete

and/or updated these files, or the patched game may not run



Previous campaign saved data may not load after an upgrade.


List of changes in this Update include:


Jun 2010



* Mission timing after Alt-N has been further tweaked.


* Campaign front line handles neutral boundary better.


May 2010-B



* Alt-N sometimes causing bombers to not show up on time is fixed.


* Speech subtitle not displaying correctly is fixed.


* Messages not displaying even on Normal or Easy HUD mode is fixed.


* Some campaign crash bugs have been fixed.


* Campaign now ends properly when the player squadron has less than

4 active pilots.


May 2010



Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 Initial Release


Mar 2010



* Radars on early A-4H versions not working is fixed.


* Texture resolution of the cockpit mirror has been increased.


* Terrain objects cast shadows correctly.


* Target friendly keys not working is fixed.


* Aircraft are made eaiser to spin on Hard Flight Model option.


Feb 2010



* Water textures not rendering correctly on some graphics cards

is fixed


* F-4M models missing some detail pieces is fixed.


* Service selection drop down has been added to the Single

Mission screen.


* Save mission button has been added to the Debriefing screen.


* Screenshot sound effect is no longer muted by pausing the game.


* Earlier sub-versions of A-4H, with more limtied weapons options,

are added.


Dec 2009



* Terrain missing tiles on some graphics cards is fixed.


* Sound is now turned off when the game is paused.


* The game not recognizing some display settings as TripleHead2Go

Surround Gaming is fixed.


* HUD flight information window now shows speed in Mach number when

current speed is more than Mach 0.9.


* Support for Force Feedback effects has been added.


* A-7D Squadrons have been added to On Strike Fighters 2 Europe

1979 campaign.


Nov 2009-B



* Speech subtitle is now color coded - red indicates warning against

the player, yellow indicates other speeches to/from player's flight,

and blue indicates all other radio chatter.


* Less messages are displayed when HUD option is set at Hard setting.


* Overcast sky is rendered correctly in cockpit mirror.


* Reduced some graphical artifacts showing on horizon with Effects

setting at Unlimited.


* V-sync is enabled by default in DX10 mode.


* Full-screen anti-alisasing now defaults to a lower-quality (and

better performance) setting.


* Version number displaying incorrectly on the Main Screen is fixed.


Nov 2009



* Runway lights not working when using DX10 shader is fixed.


* Blackout/redout not working when using DX10 shader is fixed.


* Maverick view not working when using DX10 shader is fixed.


* ForceDX9= option to manually fallback to DX9 rendering is added to

the Options.INI.


Oct 2009-B



* Third-party add-on terrain not loading textures is fixed.


* A-4H Ahit (73)'s RWR not working is fixed.


* Ammo weight showing up as 0 lb and ammo drop down being greyed out

on the loadout screen is fixed.


* The View Medal screen displays background JPG correctly.


Oct 2009



Strike Fighters 2 Israel Initial Release


Jun 2009b



* The game occasionally crashing to desktop when running on Windows XP

has been fixed.


* A-10A fuel gauge not working properly is fixed


* Weapons on multiple weapons rack not mounting at correct angle is fixed.


* Harrier's altimeter counter not working properly is fixed.


* Hunter's alitmeter missing the 1000ft needle is fixed.


* Hunter's 1000 RPM needle not moving is fixed.


* Hunter's cockpit missing the light texture .tga is fixed.


* A-10A's pitch control authority has been increased.


* F-100's squadron marking decals not showing correctly is fixed.


* Additonal nation specific skins and decals are included.


Jun 2009



Strike Fighters 2 Europe Initial Release


May 2009b



* Screenshot format can now be selected by editing Options.INI,

supported formats are: BMP, JPG and PNG.


* The installer updates DirectX correctly now.


* Original Strike Fighters 2 missions are no longer listed on Load

Mission Screen unless the game is merged with Strike Fighters 2.


* Fixes problem where the original Strike Fighters 2 would no longer

start on some merged install configuration.


* Later versions of A-7B/C with updated TF-30-P-408 engine are added.


May 2009



* Screenshot format can now be selected by editing Options.INI,

supported formats are: BMP, JPG and PNG.


* The installer updates DirectX correctly now.


* Original Strike Fighters 2 missions are no longer listed on Load

Mission Screen unless the game is merged with Strike Fighters 2.


* Fixes problem where the original Strike Fighters 2 would no longer

start on some merged install configuration.


* Later versions of A-7B/C with updated TF-30-P-408 engine are added.


Apr 2009b



* 3d model for Mk 84 bomb not displaying is fixed.


* F-105D tail hook not being animated is fixed.


* Internal ECM and chaff dispenser are removed from A-7D.


* Damage textures on A-1 not appearing correctly is fixed.


* Serial numbers and squadron decals for A-7D are added.


* A-4F assigned wrong engine data is fixed.


* Bridge spans not aligned in height is fixed.


* Hull number decals not showing up on aircraft carrier is fixed.


* Campaign missions always attacking the same runway is fixed.


* Campaign end screen not displaying correctly is fixed.


* ECM pods are added to default loadout for later model F-4s.


* F-4D (67)'s RWR not displaying correctly is fixed.


* F-4E's radar now have additional range setting of 5 nm.


* Squadron pilots roster screen not showing the number of missions

flown is fixed.


* New updated cockpit model for F-100D is included.


* F-100D is separated into two sub-versions, original (56) and (64)

versions. Original 1956 version lacks centerline pylon and other

armament options.


Apr 2009



Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Initial Release


Feb 2009



* Mach indicator on F-4 cockpits not moving past M1.1 is fixed.


* Joystick settings is less likely to be lost even if the joystick

is unplugged.


* Screenshots are now saved in .JPG format.


* F-4C (67) cockpit air threat indicator always being ON is fixed.


* A-4B and C altimeter not working is fixed.


* Some of the new 3d models for weapons not showing up is fixed.


* Missing Sidewinder rails textures on A-4 is fixed.


* One of the F-4D/E (75)'s decoy dispensers not working is fixed.


* Create New Pilot pop-up dialog now displays correctly.


* F-4E (72) and (75)'s service entry dates have been corrected.


* "Desert Fury" campaign having wrong start dates for USN and

USMC squadrons have been fixed.


* Font sizes have been adjusted to fit better on different resolutions.


* Some of the campaign CTD have been fixed.


* Aircraft prices when playing Mercenary campaign have been adjusted

to better account for small differences in their ECM capabilities.


* Starting weapons supply has been increased for Mercenary campaigns.


* The game no longer searchs for decals outside Decals folder, all

decals must now be placed under Objects\Decals folder.


* A-4 and F-100 drop tanks have been added to the external models

so they use individual texture set.


Dec 2008



Strike Fighters 2 Initial Release



2. Troubleshooting



Troubleshooting Tips


Before installing the game, please try the following:


- Close all other applications.

- Verify that your system meets the minimum system requirements.


If you are experiencing difficulties in getting the game to run,

please try the following solutions:


- Obtain the latest drivers for your video and sound card.


- Obtain the latest version of Direct X from:




- Install the latest update for your game from:




- Run scandisk and defragment your drive.



3. Contacting Customer Support



To obtain further technical assistance regarding this product, please

send an e-mail to:




Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:


· Processor type and speed

· Operating System version

· Memory (RAM)

· DirectX Version

· Video Card type

· Error messages encountered and where/when you saw them.


Or visit our forums at




and leave us a message.


For all other comments or suggestions, you can contact us by sending

an e-mail to:





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