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Armored Train - For Tracks v2

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About This File

Armored Trains were used extensively on the Eastern Front and to a lesser extent on the Palestine and Italian Fronts. On the Western Front, after 1914 they were used mostly for defense and as mobile headquarters. I have created five cars which can arranged in different configurations.


Engines could both push and pull other cars. It was common to have an armed car or two in front of the engine.


Troop cars had quarters for an infantry unit to help defend the train. There is a turret with a light gun. It is currently set for anti-aircraft, but you can change the data file to target ground objects.


Transport cars were used to move troops, munitions, or other supplies into a battle zone or recently conquered territory.


Gun cars were used as mobile light artillery. They can be included in a train or parked on a siding to defend a train station, supply depot, or other strategic location. If you change the target type to ground, they can be used as field guns.


I have included two versions of a heavy, rail mounted artillery gun. In transport mode, the gun is lowered and the car can be included in a train. In deployed mode, there is gun data assigned so the gun will shoot at ground targets. If you place an observation balloon about 2 kilometers down range, the gun will be elevated when it shoots, as if it were shooting at a distant target. There is very little side to side motion, so you have to be pretty accurate when you place the target balloon.


All the cars are the same length for easy placement. Put them 17.25 meters apart and they will line up nicely on the tracks.


There are three complete trains with different skins so you can use them in different terrains or for different forces. I have arbitrarily assigned the grey skin to Germany, the green skin to Russia, and the tan skin to the Ottoman Empire. With a little typing, you can reassign them to whatever forces you want.


These cars are designed to be used with the train tracks from Gepard's Railway Station (available in the Strike Fighter 1 Terrain downloads). Gepard has given me permission to include the tracks with my train. I have made a new skin with the ties farther apart, which I think looks better from the air. If you already have the tracks in your terrain, you don't need this.


All of these need to be included in the targets.ini in order to use them. I have included the data for the types.ini in the folders for each train.

What's New in Version v2


  • 12/26/13 - Changed data file to correct problem with train cars showing up as tanks - fixed problem with wheels

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