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dogfight 1.0.zip 1.0

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About This File

Dogfight for Thirdwire Simulators (Series 1)


Dogfight is a quick mission generator much like Microsofts Quick Combat and

Ubisofts Quick Mission Builder.

This simple little program is an attempt to add similar facility to Thirdwire products

without editing Mission files by hand, or struggling with a complex Mission Editor.

So, using it you should be up and flying against a selected opponent within a few

seconds (once you're use to the system anyway!).


As a template for the Missions I used a standard 1v1 fighter encounter so the action

begins very close together (2 km seperation for WWI types, slightly further for faster types).


To use you:

1)Start Dogfight.

2)Setup mission.

3)Press the Red GENERATE button.

4)LEAVE Dogfight running.

5)Start the Thirdwire Simulator.

6)Go to the Single Mission page and then Load Mission Menu.

7)Click on the name of the mission that you just created in dogfight(default is "0 Dogfight").


8)When you want to change the mission click on Alt and Tab simultaneously.

9)Select Dogfight, make your changes and then press the red GENERATE button.

10)Return to the Thirdwire Simulator by clicking it on the task bar (or alt tabbing if you prefer).

11)ALWAYS RESELECT THE MISSION from the Single Mission-Load Misiion Menu to update the information.

12)Play the mission!


Repeat 8-12 as many times as you want


This sounds a bit long winded but you do soon get used to it.



DogFight has been tested with FE1 extensively (with virtually all the add on aircraft from

CombatAce, the Skunkworks and Peter01 fms), SFP1 (chiefly SCW) and WOE1 (chiefly WOR and WOA).

I've also tried it with some early Korean War era jets (SFP1).

I have only briefly tried it with more modern types (WOE) and though it works I'm not too sure

how useful regular fliers of these types will find it (it's the one period that I never really fly).

I have no access to any Thirdwire Series 2 sims so I really don't know if it will work with them.



The program was written using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 C++ and FLTK.

FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit) is a great free package for constructing GUIs really quickly and easily.

Without it I doubt that I would have had time to write this program.





Thanks to TK for creating a marvellous set of Sims. I love the way they work with TrackIR.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many add on creators at Combatace and

the Skunkworks who have given me many hours of great gaming.


I hope Dogfight helps to provide some entertainment for Thirdwire Simulator Users.


Gary Ireland

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Glad that its working ok for you. Thanks for letting me know that it works with WOI

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Works perfectly and it's definitely a great addition!

Thank you

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Works perfectly and it's definitely a great addition!

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback gterl, its good to know that its of some use. I'm going to release a slightly updated version soon because I realised the other day that I'm using the directory names rather than the plane names in the lists. I'm going to add a couple of extra slots to the player and oppossing side as well.

By the way, thank you for the Castillac SPAD, It looks really cool and it actually got me using the SPAD for a few nights (I'm more of a turn fighter type usually). I bought a copy of the graphic novel as well (even though my french is virtually non existant). Really beautiful artwork and I think I was able to follow the story - maybe missed a few nuances. 

I use your Italian terrain as well. Fights around the peaks are really good fun and add an extra element to the combat! So thanks for those as well.

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help wont make missions I have FE1 with expansion pack 1 and November patch

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Hi Warguy,

sorry for the late response. If it's still not generating missions and if you're still interested...

It should be ok with all patchs and versions of FE1 (it doesn't work with FE2).

The three fundamentals are:

1) Dogfight directory is in the root of the Install - i.e alongside the effects, flight, manual etc directories

2) You press the Generate button after you have created your mission

3) You look for the name of the mission (default is "0 Dogfight") in the load mission menu.


If you're doing all three of these and it's not working then I'm not sure.

Does it do anything at all - do you get any warning messages of any sort?

Can you see all of the aircraft you expect to see in the lists?

Is the the lowest box on the right hand side set correctly - it should say WW1VERDUN (or WW1CAMBRAI) If its blank then its not found a terain.

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