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  1. Sopwith Triplane - Dual Gun

    Getting really spoilt now - one of my all time favourite squadrons as well! I really like the Tripehound with one gun but that second really cuts down the time you need to stay on their tail! I think there was about six of these with maybe some field mods as well? Thanks again for these brilliant models and fms guys.
  2. Sopwith Triplane - Early

    Fantastic stuff! Appeared a lot faster than I was expecting as well! Thanks to you and Ojcar for another terrific model!
  3. Sopwith Triplane

    Thanks for this superb model - the view from the cockpit is fantastic - love the padding! Really like the way it flies too!
  4. Sopwith Triplane Uploaded

    Thanks for this - its absolutely superb. Handles really well too.
  5. Sopwith Triplane

    What whiteKnight06604 said! The Tripehound is among my very favourite aircraft - this is superb.
  6. LOD Exporter for Blender

    Thanks an awful lot for this. It worked pretty much of the box. Just as a quick test I rigged up a freeware giant bat as an ultrasonic opponent and it worked pretty much straight away! I probably don't have the time or ability to produce an whole aircraft but I'm sure I'll be throwing together some weapons!
  7. Angel Interceptor V.1.0

    Wow - this is really excellent! Now I'm going to have to go find some Mysteronised jets! These are really great models and I love the loading screens! SIG Hmm did you ever see Thunderbirds...
  8. P-40T Twin WarHawk

    This is excellent! Thanks so very very much. Just been playing with a 110! There is a bit of me that wants to shout "Hawk a-a-a" as the bullets strike home! Seriously though - I know its not an f5f but it just looks right for a Blackhawk skin! Is there a skin template? I wonder if the 'real' mock up was just a dummy to leave out on the ground or to confuse the enemy with some unknown type? More 'speculative' stuff like this would be great!
  9. Thanks for the excellent cockpit! It's tempted me back into the SPAD! Great to have a cockpit that really surrounds you! (I use trackir)

  10. Taube

    Thanks for this really beautiful aircraft. It's fun just to fly with the observer removed. Makes a great target too!
  11. Hi Stingray77, Glad it's useful! I know the starting range is a bit close for jet combat! Actually I've been experimenting with a 10 km range for sraam combat - though the enemy seem to be able to set things up a lot faster than a human player. So you often just fly straight into a sidewinder! I'm afraid that there is no way of selecting the paint job of the enemy at the moment. The best I can offer is suggesting that you make the scheme you want to select the first skin. Sorry. Hi Cood, There should be one start position on each terrain that you have loaded. What terrains do you have?
  12. XvT-BoP Draconis Ship Patch

    Just noticed that they are in the unused files/sp3d folder

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