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  1. These look really cool - fabulous work! Should there be a part 3 though?
    Thanks for the early Christmas Present These really breathe new life into these planes!
  2. I have joystick pedals and throttle all on one usb (unpowered) hub and they work fine with all Thirdwire, Microsoft fs, X-plane and ubisoft il2 games. If you have two joysticks then you just have to make sure that you select the right one :) But generally settings seem to get saved between games. The only problem I've ever faced is that if one of the devices becomes unplugged for any reason then settings might get mixed up - device id may get changed.
  3. ESCADRILLE 65 NIEUPORT 24bis skin pack for FE 2

    Thanks for the new Nungesser skin! It's always been perhaps one of the strangest personal emblems. The links to the French web sites are really appreciated too. Something that doesn't usually come in my my searches.
  4. That looks fantastic - CS is my Favourite Gerry Anderson show (both versions). I don't have the payware F-14Z but are you planning on making the skin available? A Mysteron Sentradi Gnerl pod would go really nicely with it...
  5. ESCADRILLE 75 NIEUPORT 24 skin pack for FE 2

    More excellent skins! Love Herrisons!
  6. ESCADRILLE 87 NIEUPORT 27 skin pack for FE 2

    Superb! Thanks for all the skins - looks like they operated mixed squadrons - so I can probably fly all these together!
  7. ESCADRILLE 87 NIEUPORT 24 skin pack for FE 2

    These are Great! 9 out of 10 cat love the squadron symbol!
  8. ESCADRILLE 87 NIEUPORT 24bis skin pack for FE 2

    More excellent skins. Love the Cat symbol (I have many!) I take it this squadron is Western Front? The historical link didn't work for me. Can't find them in Armchair Aces.
  9. There is web pages such as this that give instructions for checking if Defender is blocking things: https://pureinfotech.com/allow-blocked-file-app-microsoft-defender-antivirus/ I'm just a hobbyist so my progs not 'signed' so I guess it could be this.
  10. The permissions look right is the g drive an external usb? Although the program seem to work ok on mine I've known of probs in the past with some external devices. It works with all file systems as far as I can see though. It could be being blocked by antivirus - though mine usually gives you a dialog during install to allow you to accept it. I've never seen it but apparently in properties/general there is sometimes a blocked box that can be unticked.
  11. Happy Mach 1 Day!!!

    Happy Mach Day to you!
  12. If you click right on properties and security does it have read/write permission?

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