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  1. SU-27 Prototype (T10-1)

    Could it be possible to the Su-27 prototype (T10-1) first flown on 1977 on WOX and/or SF2 platforms?
  2. Great addition.Works perfectly with WOI Thank you
  3. Mirage 5D

    Great aircraft and skins, will there be another version of these skins for the earlier Sfp1/Wox?
  4. Are there any F-16B skins for Egyptian Air force? Thanks
  5. Yak-38M

    will there be a version of this beauty for SF1? thanks
  6. IL2 clouds for WOV and WOI series 1

    A lovely artistic touch. thanks.
  7. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

    Should simple word like "awesome" give you the deserved credit ?
  8. Films

    Flight of the Intruder (1991). Danny Glover, Brad Johnson
  9. Buccaneer RAF for SF2

    Excellent work and lovely bird. Is there a version suitable for SF1?
  10. More zoom in cameras and fly-by camera zoomable

    Nice mod and quite cinematic. I love utilizing it in WOV either with fly-by mod or with line-of-sight view to target (Typically in close quarters engagments). It gives the impressions of watching History channal Dog Fight TV documentary series. Thank you.
  11. Staggered Take-Offs

    Whether you read my mind or read my post a couple of days ago, billions of thanks pal and of course thanks to Baffmeister and his Quicker Take-Offs and lighting mod. P.S Yes to works for first generation strike fighters and I tested it on WOI.
  12. I have utilized quicker take offs for WOI by CSB posted approx. 3 years ago (based originally on Baffmeister's mod) I wonder if there is another mod to place the wingman by my side and slightly lagging at the begining of the runway so that 2 aircrafts almost take off together (especially on autopilot mode) ? I think this more realistic, cooler and quicker for interception missions. Thank you Moustafa

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