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Su-27 Fictional Skins: US Navy Fighter Squadrons (Volume II) 1.12

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About This File

Su-27 Fictional Skins: US Navy Fighter Squadrons (Volume II)
for DCS World 1.2.14 and later


This is a collection of seven skins representing three US Navy fighter squadrons using historical F-14 Tomcat liveries. The squadrons included are:

  • VF-2 Bounty Hunters (CAG, Line birds)
  • VF-111 Sundowners (CAG, Line birds)
  • VF-213 Blacklions (CAG, CO, Line birds)

The VF-213 skins date from their 2005 deployment with CVW-8 on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (the "Tomcat Farewell Tour").


Most markings have been westernized, and the pilots have been given USN flightsuits with Naval Aviator wings and squadron patches. The helmet remains Russian made.


The VF-2 skins were inspired by GeorgeLKMT's VF-2 CAG skin for Dino Cattaneo's F-14D (for FSX), and the skin was also used as a starting point for my own VF-2 CAG skin.


Note: this skin pack uses an EXE installer that creates common texture folders and an autoexec.cfg (if you already have one, you can make manual changes). I would like your feedback on this system; if it works I intend to apply it to my other skin packs.


Be sure to download Volume I.




For Compact Installations - A Note About Autoexec.cfg:


Rather than copying texture files to their respective livery folders, I prefer to use a series of common texture folders along with unique filenames. This allows a single instance of many of my common textures, and keeps the hard drive footprint to a minimum (especially nice if you run a SSD for your system drive).


The installer will add a series of folders to the DCS Texture path; if you do not have these folders created, then it is no problem. The autoexec.cfg included will automatically point to the Texture folder in your Saved Games\DCS folder, and regardless of whether you run the Open Alpha, Open Beta, or Release version of DCS, the path will always point to your Saved Games\DCS\Texture folder. Again, this saves space on your hard drive.


If you use your own Autoexec.cfg, then when prompted to overwrite you can click "no". This will create a file called autoexec.new, and you can manually make the updates as you like. Just don't modify the top line with the file date; this is used by the installer for version control. However, feel free to include it in your existing autoexec.cfg, so you don't get prompted to overwrite until there's another update to the autoexec.cfg.


If you inadvertently overwrite your autoexec.cfg, it is actually backed up as autoexec.old. Just open it and copy the appropriate information to the new file.


For Traditional Installations:


If there is an issue with textures not displaying, it is likely a problem with the installer. Please let me know what textures are missing so that I can troubleshoot the issue.




Fly Navy!


-Home Fries

What's New in Version 1.12


  • Updated Installer
  • Updated for DCS World 1.5.5
  • Added USAF Aggressors nation
  • Added rank to pilots
  • Minor texture enhancements

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