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RAAF No.77 Sqn Meteor F8 Korean War(Aug 1951) 1.0

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RAAF No.77 Sqn Meteor F8 Korean War(Aug 1951)


For Strike Fighters 2 NA with Korea Terrain(Korea3).


This campaign with some 34 missions cover the operations of the RAAF No.77 Sqn in the periode Jul 29 to Aug 31, 1951 in the Korean War.
The squadron was based at Kimpo K-14(from Jul 25, 1951)and his first three CO were: Sqn Ldr R.C.Creswell(from Sep 19, 1950 to Aug 18, 1951), Sqn Ldr Gordon Steege(from Aug 18, 1951 to Dec 31, 1951)and Sqn Ldr Ron Susans(from Dec 31, 1951).
By the Korean War, RAAF No.77 Sqn take in charge 88 Meteor F8 and two T7 two-seaters.
54 Meteors were lost in Korea and Japan. Six were downed by MiGs and other six were damaged.
No.77 Squadron RAAF made claims for 6 MiGs, but actually, only two were downed(both PLAAF)and two others were damaged.
From Dec 1, 1951, after a operation ambush to wipe out RAAF No.77 Sqn set by Gen Lobob(CO of the V-VS 303th FAD)the Australian unit was assigned as interceptor for defense of Suwon K-13 and Kimpo K-14 and then to ground attack.
Lobob´s operation dont wipe out RAAF No.77 Sqn(three Meteors downed and one damaged. One 176th GvIAP MiG damaged)but succeded in putting the australian squadron out of business as active fighter unit in "MiG Alley".
Also, losses of the day leave the unit with 14 Meteors and this was considered insufficient to mantain a Squadron effort.


Historical accurate with the main units and bases deployment by Jul 29 to Aug 31, 1951.
Campaign need Expansion Packs 1 and 2 for some aircrafts, weapons, tanks, textures, etc.
RAAF Meteor F.8, 77 Squadron texture by Wrench.
See readme for other details.


Thanks and credits:


Wrench for Korea3 terrain, RAAF No.77 Sqn Meteor F8 texture and Cavalier destroyer
Do335 for Pack 1 and Pack "Wings over Korea"
WhiteBoySamurai for Essex class (long-hull) aircraft carrier
ErikGen for the base model for the RF-80A


Update Jul 1, 2017


Change 68 to 34 missions(1 mission daily)
Add F4U-5NL and AD-4NL
Revised Task Force 77 composition.

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Of course, I have not been indoctrinated on anyone else being involved in the ROK, because only the US flew missions (sarcastic, I know it was a world effort). But this made me look it up, and this is the first of the search.... http://korean-war.commemoration.gov.au/stalemate-in-korean-war-1952-1953/migs-versus-meteors.php I absolutely applaud the sacrifices of the world community, but it is true that MOST reporting only emphasizes the US. This is probably the reason most US people think that we are supporting everyone else. 

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