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Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

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About This File

Operaton Corporate


- The Falklands War -




A Strike Fighters Project1 MOD by Daniel”Kesselbrut”Himmel




This is an All-Inclusive MOD of the Falkland War. The MOD contains all major aircrafts and groundunits of the conflict.


All objects in this pack (aircrafts, houses, vehicles, tiles, textures….) are free, but that means they are not freeware. If you want to use something out of the pack for your own MOD please ask for a written permission by me via PM at the combatace forum. I will forward your request to the owner of the model you want to use.


The pack will run without errors on SFP1 and SFP Gold only. At WOV you will need a C-130 otherwise the Game crashes during the campaign. At WOE and WOI it will run only after heavy manual cut and paste work….




Do a clean SFP1 installation

install SP4

rename the folder as "Falkland 1982"


delete missions - folder

delete campaigns - folder

delete /objects/decals - folder

delete /objects/aircraft - folder

delete /objects/groundojects - folder

delete /objects/weapons - folder


copy the unpacked files into your "Falkland 1982" folder


open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsUK.ini


correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalVC.txt with your installation-path


open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsARG.ini


correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalARG.txt with your installation-path




In the Canberra B you can switch between Pilot and Bombadier with "Hook" key


single mission year is 1983 - because the only British base was build in May - if you have

a missiondate before 29th May - the game CTD - self created missions (with mission date) will work normaly - you have to take off from a carrier before 29th May

The infantry units have too much speed - when I use normal Footslogger speed there are no ground battles.


All Groundunits are optimated for the game - so they may not realistic.


All Carriers have zero speed - because they cruise wild through the

ship formations.


During the Campaign the groundunits won't attack - in WOI it all works normal.


The Harrier and SUE have no Groundradar




I'm currently working at the WOI version, but I have multible problems


- The A-4 flightmodels are cruel

- same for the SUE

- same for the Harriers

- The Canberra Bombbay shows no load

- no Thrust Vectoring

- Carrier take offs mostly accidential (carriers maybe not fully supported)


So a SP5 version of the mod will released 2 months after SP release.


Special thanks to all involved modders especially:


BPAO, CAPUN, COMPRNT, Sundowner, Kreelin, Richard, Charles, Foxmonter, The Wrench, Hinchinbrooke, Diego, Polak, Pasko, Marcfighter, USAFMTL, Column5, erikgen, Edward, Pasko, Bunyap, DEUCES, Saganuay, HRNTFIXR, Ajunaidr, Soulfreak, Moonjumper, Kout, the Thirdwire Team and all the others of the several teams (and maybe the ones I forgot)


Here is a list of included objects and who created them:


Terrain and tiles:


by USAFMTL, Diego, Edward - heavily modded by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel


Sky and Enviroment:


by Polak




by Bunyap and many unknown modders, Mirage Factory and Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel




By Deuces


Campaign and Singlemissions


by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel


S-2F; Mentor, Wessex (Groundmodel too), Seaking, Lynx HAS2; HMS Hermes


by the DevATeam (CEO CAPUN)


Harrier GR3 and Harrier FRS1; Mirage III; IAI Dagger; SA341 Gazelle


By The Mirage Factory (CEO BPAO) reworked Harrier GR3 and Harrier FRS1 3D Models made by MontyCZ


Pucara, MB 326, Super Etendard, ARA Belgrano


By Foxmonter; Belgrano Skin by Richard and CAPUN




by MontyCZ




by erikgen


Canberra B2 MK.62


by ajunaidr, skin by Soulfreak, Pit by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel


A-4Q, A-4C, A-4P


model by Thirdwire, skins by Marcfighters and Richard, addon 3Dworks by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel


C-130A and KC-130A


Model by TK, skin by HRNTFIXR


All Helicopter FM


by Kreelin


HMS Invincible, Type_12; Type_42; Type_82, ARA 25 de Mayo, County_Class


by Hinchinbrooke - de Mayo skin by Richard


MVAtlantic_Causeway; MVAtlantic_Conveyor


by Polak


155mm Howitzer and EW Radar


by Pasko


LandRover1tonne_Command; LandRover1tonne_Cover; LandRover_Cover; LandRover_open; Scorpion


Skin by Richard, 3D Model by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel


105mm_L118_Howitzer; 105mm_L118_Howitzer_FB; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle_FB; Argentine_Marines; Argentine_Squad; AR_Cal50; AR_Foxhole; AR_Navy_Tug; Blindfire; BlowpipeAR; BlowpipeUK; CommTrailer; Exocet_Launcher; Fearless; HQTrailer; Intrepid; LCM; LCM_UL; LVTP-7; MVBaltic_Ferry; MVNordic_Ferry; MVTor_Caledonia; OerlikonAAA; Panhard; Rapier; RH202; Roland_Shelter; Sir_Class_LSL; Skyguard; SmallCargoShip; SSCanberra; Submarine; Trawler1; Trawler2 UK_Cal50; UK_Foxhole; UK_Marching_Column; UK_SAS_TEAM; UK_Squad; Wessex_GO, Airfields at Stanley, Goose Green and Pebble Island, All civil buildings…, Helopilot1; Helopilot2


by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel


Special thanks to COMPRNT, Charles and Kout for menu, medals and textfiles


I hope I forgot nothing to write


Have Fun



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Hi!... I was download "Strike Fighters Project 1", install "Patch v05.25.06", and finally I execute "Service Pack 4".


When I copy the MOD and do what you say everything´s gonna ok... But when I run the game, just I can see the menu, but any option doesn´t work... :dntknw:


I want this game!! What I can do??!!


Please help me!


Good Luck.


PD :Sorry my bad english, I speak Spanish.



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dude i did a clean install of sfp1 and applied just sp 4 v05250. I followed al the instruction as u had said but after the game is lanched i get the main screen and when i click either on the single missions or campaign tab the game crashes.when i apply the latest update of the game relased by theirdwire i am getting very few weapons. the game runs but i cant seee or find sea eage, matra missiles or magig irm's or exocets.also my clean install of spf 1 doesnt have any missions folder .i dont know why.reply to this problem asap.

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Tengo un Problema que es que cando termino una micion o pongo salgo de la misma me tira al escritorio.

pueden ayudarme?



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18000+ downloads - are there that many people who like seeing us Brits as the evil "empire [that] strikes back"? The Argies were (and still are) at fault in this conflict, not the Brits and we had a right to take arms against an invader (who clearly bit of far more than they could chew!).

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hola, soy nuevo en esto, me estoy bajando el juego y el mod de malvinas para empezar a jugar...cualquier cosa los molesto, saludos!!!

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Hi, i did download the game but when i make a mission and y push the botton "play" the windows close.


a mi me anda todo, pero lo que pasa es que cuando incio una mision se me cierra el juego.

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¡el juego corre bien pero no hay armas! Por favor conteste que quiero enviar un exocet a algun barquito ingles ¡Saludos al principito!

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Get the latest Weapon Editor, the one included doesn't appear to work.


Sorry for my late reply! Thanks Heinz

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Help please im new to all this modding and strike fighters which i only bought when i heard about the falklands mod where do i put the folders within sf any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hola, alguien sabe como modificar el clima en los vuelos de dogsfight?? siempre esta soleado y nunca hay nubes. tampoco llueve. otra consulta, es si hay alguna mejora para los graficos??? algun directx

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