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UPDATED FE Plane FMs for Nov 2008 Patch

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About This File

AI UPDATE 20th June.



The last update for this file!


Updated a number of AI, mainly early war planes, plus some minor FM changes.


24 FMs modded mainly just AI: Couple of Albs (D3, and my D2 version based on TKs AlbD5 model), all FokkerEs, HalbD3, all early Pfalzes, Hannovers, Dh2, Fe8, all Moranes, Bristol Scouts.


See support topic for details .... http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=42586


Also included in the Readme is the need to have a "RotaryEngine" sound file in your SOUNDS folder, and how to do that.



MAJOR UPDATE: 3rd June 2009.



Too many changes to list, most were posted on Forum recently, some weren't - FokkerE1, FokkerE1a, FokkerE3a, N16, Walfisch, PfalzD12, N24, N27.


The FMs are designed for Hard FM mode ONLY.


76 FMs for the October or November 2008 patch of the game. You do not need to have purchased the Expansion Pack for these FMs, but your original game must be patched to the October or November 2008 version.


Dh2 by Aladar. Model available at CombatACE.


MoraneN by P10ppy. Model available at CombatACE.


N24, N24bis, N27, N27_RFC, N28, HanriotHD1 (CAM) by EmiD. Models available at CombatACE.


Nieuport11, Nieuport16, Nieuport17 by MontyCZ. The Nieuport16 is available through Christian59, all models available at CombatACE.


FokkerD2, FokkerD3, MartinsydeS1, MartinsydeG100, Avro504D, Farman MF11c by Bortdafarm. All but MartinsydeS1 available at CombatACE. MartinsydeS1 only at Bortdafarms site (no need to register). http://www.ebort2.co.uk/FE.html


Be-2c, Be-2d, DH-4, Br14, HandleyPage0/400, Fe8, Fe2b,Fe2d (based on Fe2b model), BristolScoutC, BristolScoutD, SopwithPup, Dolphin, F2B, F2Ba (single gun version based on F2b model), Snipe, Triplane, HalberstadtD3, Walfisch, PfalzD3, PfalzD8, PfalzD12, SchuckertD3, Aviatik, GothaGIV, Staaken by A-Team. Models available at A-teams site. you need to register first. http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/


FokkerE1, FokkerE1a, FokkerE3, FokkerE3a, FokkerE4, FokkerE4a, MoraneH, MoraneL, MoraneLAO, PfalzE1, PfalzE3, PfalzE3O, HansaBrandenburgDI, PhonixKD1, HannoverCL2, HannoverCL3, SavioPomilloSP3 by Laton. Models available at CombatACE.


AlbatrosD1, AlbatrosD2, AlbatrosD3, AlbatrosD3OAW, Spad7(150), Camel F1(130), Se5a, Spad 7(180), Spad13, AlbatrosD5, AlbatrosD5a, Fokker D7, FokkerDr1, AEGIV, DFWC5, Re8, SalmsonA2 by Thirdwire. The Albatros D1 and D2 are based on Thirdwires Albatros Dva model. Note, in a seperate directory are FMs for Bortdafarms Albatros DI, albatros DII, Albatros DIIL, OEF Albatros DII if you prefer to use those models.


The download includes loadouts, cockpits for Thirdwire's AI only planes, all the necessary bits and pieces for Le Prieur rockets to work on Pup, Camel, Dolphin, Nieuports 11 - 27.


There is a Readme File - please read, it includes essentials, some issues, some things worth knowing, as well as Installation Instructions, Acknowledgements & Caveats.


There is a support thread here for comments or if you have any problems: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=42030


Have fun.


Peter01 3rd June 2009

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