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F-101B Voodoo (early version) V1.0

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About This File

The model of this mod is the earlier version without IRST sensor on the nose and without the two antennas in the belly rear.
This aircraft is for WoV, WoE and WoI patched Oct2008b ... not tested with SFP1 but it should works; in WOI the aircraft works but you need to import Falcons missiles from WoE, Wov or a weapons pack in order to see them.
1) Copy the Object folder into your main game folder (\Wings Over ...\).
2) Copy the P&W J-57P.wav into your ...\sounds\ folder.
3) Add the lines you find in the "add_to_WeaponDataIni.txt" to the end of your "weapondata.ini" file, change
the xxx with sequential numbers and recompile using the last WeaponEditor.This adds 450 gals tanks and
AIR-2A nuclear rocket (nuke effect not included ... use the one you like).
The Med_res_textures folder contains 1024x1024 resolution textures for better fps.
Dave : RCAF skin and decals, hangar and loading screens and various support and hel
column5 : the fantastic FM
mppd : 60th FIS skin and decals, fuel tank models , support for the Genie making and historical infos
Spillone104 : J57 sound
me : aircraft and pit models, CAF 416 Sqdn. skin and all other minor stuff.
Thank you guys.




Enrico "erikgen"</font></font>

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I love this plane. She looks as hot as she flies!

I'm having a slight problem with the weapons loadout though...

nothing shows up except for the AIM-4D Falcons.

2 heatseekers is a pretty weak load.

I followed the instructions for adding the Genie and the various drop tanks to the weapon editor .ini

I even used my weapon editor to create an AIM-4A, by copying the AIM-4D and changing the heatseeker head to a semi-active radar homing head.

Those don't show up either :S


I'm using a copy of SFP1 that's so old its 'README' says that its a pre-retail version. It's patched to '06*, with a hack to fix the CTD problem.

My system is a HP Pavillion 6 G RAM/ 1918 MB graphics/ ATI Radeon 3200 running Vista.

* I patched it to '06 rather than '08 because I was flying online at the time & my pals preferred the '06 patch.


Irrelevant historical note:

My dad was an AP (Air Police) stationed at Edwards Air Force base in the late '50s when (now retired General)Chuck Yeager was testing a new missile with the F-101 Voodoo.

One day he had a problem with the landing gear, and rather than punch out and risk having a top secret aircraft & weapons system crash into somebody's ranch house, Chuck flew his Voodoo until the tanks were nearly dry. He had the runway foamed & crash crew standing by. My dad watched as he brought that Voodoo in and stood it on its tail, flooring the afterburners. He walked that Voodoo down the runway 'like a sidewinder snake' and when the forward speed dropped out he just closed the throttles and belly flopped it.

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