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Su-15F Falgon has been Released

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Here is what Boopidoo posted at Simhq:


Hi there!


Now I'm letting it go. I've had huge help from alot of people. Almost too many since I'll forget someone if I try to remember all of them. To all of you thats helped me... (you know who you are)




Now to the aircraft, it is currently hosted at my website (see below) but I'd very much like to have others host it since don't have much space left there.


The FM isn't finished I know and if you can help me out then do but mail me the suggested changes in the .ini files since I really can't do that much ini editing for the moment.





There is also a download like at My website:




I will get some more skins out alittle later on and if people want it, the templates for the Su-15F


Hope people enjoy the aircraft


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I have a couple of new Skins Up for the Flagon. These 2 skin where rumoured to exist but as yet I havent seen any Pictures. Anyhow I think they look Quite good on the aircraft :)





I like the Black more than the red though



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Guest Ranger332

very nice work lol should of seem me looking fa guns lol great job though

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