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AD's much anticipated F-105D-25, the workhorse of the Vietnam Air war.


Feel free to host.


Special thanks to Sundowner.






F-105D-25 Thunderchief for

Strike Fighters : Project 1


build 13-03-2004







To install the F-105D-25 Thunderchief simply unzip the "F-105D-25" folder and place it in your "Strikefighters\Objects\Aircraft" directory.

Then simply run strike fighters selecting Single Mission and picking the "F-105D-25" from the list of flyable aircraft.







SP3 and latest Weapons pack required.



F-105D-31 Thunderchief introduction & History




Built by Republic Aircraft, the F-105 was designed as a supersonic, single-seat, fighter-bomber able to carry nuclear weapons and heavy bomb loads over great distances at high speeds. It made its first flight on October 12, 1955. The first F-105D (58-1146) flew on 9 June 1959. The TAC at Nellis AFB, Nevada, accepted the first F-105D on September 28, 1960. The initial contract for 59 F-105Ds was increased to nearly 300 by the end of 1961. Ultimately, 610 F-105Ds were built.


The F-105D variant was an all-weather fighter-bomber version, fitted with monopulse and Doppler radar for night or bad weather operations. This radar was capable of terrain avoidance commands. The original weapons bay, designed for nuclear stores, was sealed and fitted with additional fuel tanks. Bombs were carried on multiple weapons racks on the centerline of the fuselage, and on wing pylons. The aircraft was fitted with a retractable in-flight refueling probe. During the Vietnam War, F-105 units operated from bases in Thailand.


The F-105D was the major production version of the Thunderchief series. It was an all-weather version of the day-only F-105B. Externally, the -D differed from the -B in having a slightly longer and wider nose, which housed the AN/ASG-19 "Thunderstick" system designed to meet new all-weather requirements specified in the November 1957. The AN/ASG-19 was designed around the NASARR R-14A all-purpose monopulse radar. This was optimized in both air-to-ground and air-to-air modes and was capable of performing both low-level and high-altitude missions. The aircraft was equipped with a General Electric FC-5 flight control system that operated in conjunction with the R-14A radar to provide the F-105D with full all-weather capability. The system included a bomb-toss computer, a sight system, an AN/APN-131 Doppler navigator, an air data computer, missile launch computer, autopilot, and search and ranging radar. The radar installation also incorporated a terrain guidance mode permitting the pilot to descend through bad weather in unfamiliar territory and to hug the ground, avoiding detection.


A J75-P-19W jet engine equipped with water injection powered the F-105D. A new cockpit was provided with a vertical instrument panel. The higher gross weight of the -D version required the provision of a stronger main landing gear and more robust brakes. In addition, a pitot tube was mounted on the extreme tip of the nose. The aircraft were otherwise quite similar to other F-105s. The F-105D had an arrester hook mounted on the rear of the ventral fin. This hook was intended to engage a wire in case the aircraft overshot the end of the runway during a landing. The Thunderchief was not capable of carrier-based operations.


Known Issues



* Service pack 3 needed for tape gauges

* 23rd skin sharkmouth issue under the nose - cant be fixed, model lost. Possible fix through using decal.




Aircraft Files



Authored by David:











Authored by Lansen & David:


Cockpit textures


Authored by Sundowner:


All Decals

Skin files


Authored by Volksjaeger:


Some detail parts of Skin files



Authored by Column5:


Flight model/data file



Thanks to










p.s F and G to come


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No, all the Thud's used in Nam had the bombbay filled with a fuel tank. In fact, NONE of the 3rd Party Thuds (in particular AD's D/F/G) have the bombbay. It's an internal fool tank


...if you extract BOTH data inis for the stock 105s (this is SF2V), you'll their's are fool tanks too


and no, you can't convert it to a working bay, as there's no doors cut in the fueselage meshes and no animations.



kevin stein

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