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This ones a little long.First i want to thank everyone involved. I sat down to play WOV chose a carrier campaign w/a A-4

i began the flight with a nice shot and a cool cruise.The target of the day was a warehouse in an inner town of vietnam. I lead a 4 man team and realized early this was gunna take some attention.My brother was sitting in on this sorte, first time seeing Wov he was just watching me fly yhe mission,loved the carrier launch.Back to the mission,the flack was heavy over the first town with to sam launches.With a quick dive the sam trail was identified, i pushed over and turned into the site as the first sam wizzed by about 10:00 with nope hope of getting me,the second trailed well overhead.My brother grabbed ahold my shoulder and said"Brother this is awesome".Back to the mission I turned back towards the target ignoreing the flack bursts,it was otherwise quite the rest of the way.As we began are turn into the target way point redcrown called out migs low and to are left.At this point i was well into the expirence with warehouse on my mind,I pulled up to 4000ft and tabbed flight2 to engage ground since i can't get them to attack the primary target at 7miles i tabbed my wing man on to primary target just as are F-4escort called out the first mig kill of day.(Whew!)i caught the warehose in a slight dive and began my bombing run.Flight 2 was having a day knocking out a Ks-19 and a Zpu in their first run so i tabbed them into air to air wingman pickled just as i dove pickling 3 750's at the ware house (i always save 1,just in case) boom mission accoplished rang out i banked hard right pulling up hard and tabbed flight2 to rejoin, then tabbed wingman to rejoin.now 3 sams rang out so i dove to get alook and turned in hard left just in case, not for us i guess as "im hit" rang out with a quick look at the map the migs seemed engaged with our escort party.My brother yelled to help with the migs but they were well over 12miles back,so i told him it wasn't our job.as another "im hit" rang out i traveled at tree top 85% my brother calling for a mig fight,i ignored and took the flight to 4000 at 425knts over the last town before we hit water one more sam rang out as i began a dolphin with my wingman the sam passed between us,My brother awed!..the flight home was slow and long with a dogfight on the radio" i got him" ringed out then an" im hit" boomed. i turned to my brother and saw a tear rolling down his face.He just shook his head and was hit by reality.I trapped on a second pass with an applause from my brother. "the expirence was to real" quoted my brother and "emotional' he finally laughed "Damn" was his final quote besides a toast to those that fell in the real war.So thank you goes out to you guys,thanks for the history and thanks for the realism.A humbled gamer, son fo an f-105 crewchief -D-(Kansas Coyote)a truley sad and beautiful expierince Thank you. :tomato:

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I just got the second set of missions from YAP and I can't even begin to tell you how great they are! It's added a whole new life to the game; I can't wait to get some more.


You should definitely check them out.

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Glad you like it!!! You know Yankee Air Pirate will turn that heat up a few more notches for ya...


Check it out here.... Yankee Air Pirate

just got them and would upload my first mission and carrier landing here but its in my gallery. thanks for the tip :victory:

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