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Yankee Air Pirate Upcoming Mission: Cool Hand Luke

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Long flight north, need gas.














"Wild Weasel Can't Be Far Behind"




Thanks to Kreelin for his remarkable mission editor.

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I recall some pilot saying "Alone and unarmed yes, but not to sure about the unafraid part......"


Looking forward to this set for sure.....recon is my thing......

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Guest zerocinco

I guarantee that it is not just a matter of flying by the target. Of course, we can't make you show us your screenshots but if you stick to the story and take them, it is tough to deliver the film back home. There are two player photo recon missions in the set. I got by the target twice in Cool Hand Luke and once in Photo Recon and I knew what was coming. They are not over-amped in any way. Toned-down actually. It is just the plight of recon pilots to have to go where people know you are going.


We wrote a mission called Easter Egg Hunt for a contest. When we get caught up, we will put it on. THEN someone will want to see those screenshots.


I sent a link to the friend who flew this mission. He was grumpily happy to have been acknowledged.

Edited by zerocinco

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