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  1. Try using to the cockpit lighting. But, that will be AI. You can set the timing using NightLightOn=
  2. Essex class (long-hull) aircraft carrier

    Very good piece of work. Pretty spiffy detail.
  3. 3

    Nice job with the converting the YAP CV to CVA-60. Perhaps you would send it to us.
  4. Okay, thanx for all the info.
  5. Probably asked and answered but I cannot find it. Is 24 the max number of bombs WOV will allow in any one bomb bay or the max numbers of bombs on any given aircraft that it will allow. I am trying to get 20,000 lbs into the B-29. Seems we have that same problem with the B-1. Any work around to this? Thanks, Mike
  6. the helo's are Yankee Pirate helo's UH-1D and CH-47 I am running SFP1 after converting UH-1D and CH-47 Data files texture and all the other associated data/ini from Unicode file system to Ansi code file for SFP1 I have adjusted the mission radius in the aircraft data file to see if that makes a difference but does not so not sure why this happens ok on short missions but not long distance missions like 20-40 minutes flight.. Post the Dataini. Sounds like the fuel amount and fuel flow have been changed.
  7. KAW

    For SF1 or SF2 Korea Mods.
  8. AC were not "parked" aft of the island on the straight deck ships during landing ops to my limited knowledge. Most if not all the time, they were quite forward of the island. It may look pretty, but it was not practical.That may solve your problem.
  9. carriers in kaw

    Re: Thirdwire series Screenshots
  10. Try installing it to a folder on the desktop. Not the start screen. Thus far no complaints with SF1/YAP3 doing that process in Win 8.

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