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Firecage Plane Fest - Update Ver 1.4

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Update Ver 1.4 Here it is


1) Took out the EIII and the EVI . They are not close enough to really let the German side stand much of a chance in a DF. Germans will now start with the Alb D1.

2) There may be times now that you get a downgrade in planes for a short time till supply lines open back up.

3) The time between missions has been reduced to 5 normal and 4 if offensive is going on. This gives a bit longer in each plane than I had before.

4) I am now including an additional mod that was originally from MontyCZ. I took a 2 man bunker with sandbags and made the one firing the weapon to shoot rifle rounds. He will take pot shots at you if you are flying low and close enough. The game likes to set them at bases and towns so be warned. Install directions are included here as well.



The new plane list that is needed for this Campaign to work are as follows :

French :




N24 This was so close to being done I included it here










Dolphin ** New


German :





Dr1 ****(needs my firecage Hard FM pack if you fly on hard mode.)****


I am trying to work this next bit on adding the SchuckertD3 to the mix. I am flying it against the other allied planes to see what date to bring it into the game.


Also next update will be (1) bomber squadron that you can choose for each nation. Now we all know what weird things happen on bombing missions so I’m trying to sort out how to make it work well.



Ver 1.3

(updated) I have added the bmps for the start screens the campaign makes calls to. No change in install.



These missions are just for giving the pilot a chance to fly pretty much ever plane against it's counterparts over the time span of the campaign. There will be times where you are in the lead for planes and some times your country will be on the bad end of the stick and it will be hard to stay alive.


There is no promise you will get every plane in the sequence. According to TK you will not receive new planes if your area is under attack or in battle, which makes perfect sense. AS in real war things don't get shipped like the HQ scheduler planned every time 8)




Note ***** The spad7 and Spad12 have the same entry dates. I suggest staggering them slightly so the plane mix comes in a bit more even. if left alone it's just a toss up with of the 2 you may be upgraded with.



It WILL work great even if you don't change a thing. :good:

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Hi have downloaded 3 times and every time a pop up window says this file damaged. Has anyone downloaded it ok.



I have heard that from a few people now. I uninstalled my aip programa nd installed a new one so please try and let me know if it works ok or not.


I have also done another update today to add the Sopwith Pup to the RAF plane selection. Also added Gr. Vipers Machinegun mod as well as my bunker riflemen mod.



Please see the .doc file and the installation txt file




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The file on our system is a valid compressed file, checks okay on my end after downloading. :good:

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Hi Erik, Man that's strange. I even installed a different Zip program so it wouldn't be the old program. Do I need to re do anything?

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I cleared the cache and re Downloaded it and it installed fine for me. If anyone has problems still let me know.

Edited by Firecage

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Firecage ... I don't think you need to do anything. The file that's on our system is fine and you uploaded it so I'd say what you have is working. Zip compression is strange sometimes depending on the compression agent and the decompression agent it could cause these issues. You may consider using winrar and compressing to a rar format that seams to be more uniform. All in all I'd say what you're doing is fine and it may just be on the receivers end. Thanks for the contributions. :)

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Nice one Firecage. Looking forward to this. Will this replace your original plane fest campaign or install as a new campaign ? I don't want to lose where I'm at with your original and I'm becoming quite fond of the old DH2 ! In my latest attempt I have survived 6 missions but am still in March 1916 with the DH2. Do you have to survive approx 20 missions before a plane upgrade ?


I also tried your DR1 hard FM mod in single mission. But unfortunately I can't comment on it's effectiveness because I couldn't take off. When the DR1 spawns onto the airfield it's like it's in quicksand and sinking quickly or trying to burrow underground to avoid the war .... that's the only way I can describe it. I think I tried it on normal with the same result so I flipped back to the A-Team FM version. Have I done something wrong ? Anyone else getting this problem ?

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