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Adding Gunsights

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Hi All,


Whenever I try to add either the Spad gunsight or the sea5 gunsight, it never shows up. I do edit the Cockpit_data.ini to reflect the gunsight change as well.


Best Regards,


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Hi Joe,

I'm having a similar problem trying to update the Camel F1. I do all the changes and nothing happens. The F1 ( or mine for sure) has the sight offset firing off to the right and as my beloved A Team camel crashes the game at the end of the mission I was trying to give it the A team gunsight. Suspect there is some other linking file somewhere else that I'm missing. Have tried SE5's sight as well but it stays the same. I'm going to keep trying and I'll shout out if I get anything.

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Hi Bikikie,


You can't change the gunsight, but you seem to want to do this to fix two other issues you have, I think??


Try these to fix the original problems:


To centre gunsights for MikeWh F1 camel try changing the CamelF1_DATA.ini in CamelF1 folder as follows:


AimAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 ---> to -1.3,-0.7,0.0


To fix your crashing problem for the ATeams Camel, open FlightEngine.ini after extracting from FlightData.CAT, then change default GraphicsSettings section to the following:















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The LOD was my last thought as well. I guess it needs to be coded into the LOD. Well, for now, people have been giving us refference points, like crossed wires and such. Until next time,


Best Regards and Warm Wishes,


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