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I hope someone has an answer as it is a damn choir, I mean how do you do it and still move forward etc......

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Hello all,


I have just been practincing ini editing, and managed to get the USS Tarawa for my AV-8A's in the Madagascar campaign. Now I am having a hell of a time landing! Any tips?




i think you must maintain just about 2 to 4 kts forward speed.

and come in from the stern if possible.

and try to use small corrections in the exhaust nozzles and pitch.


try to practice frist in how to hover and maneuver using the AV-8a harrier.


trial and error makes perfect.

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Shin Kazama is right. You have to know how to hover first. Then how to move the plane gently forward, backward, on the left and the right. And then you can try deck landing ;)


Here is a little vid showing you 2 ways to land. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJGdJSSibUc (to copy/paste)

The first attempt is more like the RL. You have to approach on the left side of the deck. + 5kts CA speed and 15ft above the deck.

What I use to do is doing the approach at +20kts and decelerate to +5kts when the plane is over the beginning of the deck.

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