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Aircraft Technicians/Engineers Sound off

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I just got back from yet another week of babysitting another one of my Learjets, and I was curious as to how many members here work on, past or present any Military/Civilian aircraft, what type, and if they may have a Hanger Story to tell.


The Best non-military hanger story out there today is a lesson that even the best technician can learn from. Here's the Link to the story:







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I have a good one.


The year was 1983, and I was onboard the USS Independence, with VA-15.


One of our A-7es was in the hangar for maintenance, and we had just removed the ejection seat for inspection. The canopy was still open straight up, with the maintenance support strut. All of a sudden, the hangar bay overhead sprinkler system went off. The cockpit was immediately filled with foam. The entire aircraft, in fact, was drenched, inside and out, because it was in a major phase inspection, and almost all of its access panels had been removed.


Our skipper came down to the hangar bay to see the damage for himself. He shook his head when he saw it, and told the Maintenence Officer, "You might as well shove it over the side."


The aircraft did, in fact, fly off the ship again, but it went straight to NADEP for complete overhaul.


It was the biggest mess I had ever seen!


You have opened up Pandora's box now. I have a lot of these stories!


Chief W.

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I spent 5 years as a Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator (SENSO) so I was used to breaking equipment instead of fixing it, but after a Career in Law Enforcement and now at the age of 33 I decided it was time I got back inot my true love which is aviation. I am about a month away from finishing yet another school, but this one is for my FAA A&P license. I already have my Powerplant out of the way and hopefully in another month will have my Airframe as well. I'm hoping for a job with DynaCorps at PAX river, but Cessna out in Wichita Kansas is a option as well. Right now I work part time at St Petersburg/Clearwater Int airport with Southeast Airlines. Hopefully in a couple of years I will have some stories to tell.

Fates I would love to get into GA, but just starting off I dont have the 3 or 4 years experience most require. Can you offer some advice for me as far as what to do to get into GA, or do I need to just get on with anyone and get some time under my belt first. I know at least here they dont spend a lot of time training. They like guys who have been in the field a while and can go right to work vs having to train them.

I also plan on getting my pilots certification and I would like to at least get multiengine. Cessna actually pays for its mechanics to get certified as a pilot if they choose to and they have career paths for mechanics turned pilot. I actually would enjoy doing both in maybe a flight test program or some similar capacity.

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Man Fates, those WOW (weight on wheels) switches can bite ya. We have one set of WOW switch tools with RBF streamers, but we usually have at least three planes a night for overnight mx and inspections. Part of our LC2 includes tricking the WOW so we can check the AOA stall stick shaker. If we can't get the tool when we need it, flat tip screwdrivers work just as well...but luckily most of the guys know where their tools are when we finish inspections.



There was an incident in Bedford MA I believe where one of our technicians left his screwdrivers in the WOW switches and the aircraft ran into the grass during a taxi. I think the nose wheel steering doesn't work with WOW.


BTW, Fates knows me but for everyone else, I'm a maintenance technician for Shuttle America Airlines. We're a small regional airline flying Saab 340 turbo props for US Airways Express. http://shuttleamerica.com/

I was also an F-4E/G and F-16C crew chief in the Air Force.


One cool hangar story...


I had just helped wing walk one of our Saab 340s out of the hangar. We have to have our planes to the gate at least an hour before departure and I think we were running a bit late this particular morning. A technician who has taxied many times before fires up the plane and has a new guy riding left seat (we have to have 2 guys to taxi). This guy forgot to set the parking brake and also forgot to make sure the hydraulics were on (we turn them off in the hangar for various checks and so we don't hear the damned hydraulic pumps running every minute). I glance out to the ramp to see the taxi light on and hear the props come out of feather...no biggie, we do it everyday. Next I hear strange prop pitch sounds, see the light coming right at the hangar, and then CRUNCH! right into the hangar door. Without hydraulics you have no nose wheel steering or brakes. They were just along for the ride. The prop pitch change was his panicky attempt to throw the props into reverse which might have saved the plane from further damage. Luckily only the NLG door was slightly damaged and we replaced it. It flew later that day after the investigation...lol.


Moral to the story...NEVER hurry and ALWAYS do your checks. :shock:


Being kind of new to this aircraft I now have approx 50 hours taxiing and about 50 hours worth of engine runs. We taxi our aircraft from the mx hangar to the terminal ramp on the other side of the airport and vise versa. I learned from that guys mistake and always make sure first thing I do is prime the hydros and set the brake before I start up. :)

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