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Bunch of idiots have something against the Air Force

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Yesterday a Mig-21, G-4 and a Gazelle were flying above Belgrade to practice for tommorow.


Apparantly the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) considers this a threat to the citizens of Belgrade and demand that the president explain and apologuise to everyone for disturbing and threatining them.


Now i'm reading this and thinking "what the hell",a threat?

Heck, people were looking at the sky to see the planes, kids were waving to the pilots, nobody at all feel threatond, except a bunch of loud mouth idiots, who think they run the country and the whole world revolves around them...

Geez, i'm not a violent person, but some people really need to get punched in the face...

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Hmmm... It seems California is not the only bastion for anti-military sentiment.


Every year, when the Blue Angels arrive for Fleet Week, there's a bunch of crackpots

complaining about saber-rattling and rampant militarism. These are a only a very vocal

minority. The vast majority love it when the Blue Angels arrive.

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As we say here, in my beloved ( but sometimes so narrowminded) Italy, The Mother of all Idiots is ALWAYS pregnant XD.

By the way Zur, just a little observation about your ( beautiful indeed) signature... the sentence, according to my memories, is not by Leonardo, but by Ernest Hemingway, correct me if I'm wrong everybody... Great sig however!

Cheers everybody!


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