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  1. Hi guys, I was playing around with the awesome A-6A FOTI edition, and this silly question came up my mind: is there any way to model or at least create a pseudo-working DIANE weapon control computer? The Intruder somehow feels a little empty without it..... I know that this may seem an unnecessary or stupid question, but it came in my silly brain and I just wanted to ask... Cheers and thank you for your time!
  2. One point for "pronounciation101-easy'n'fast-D.I.Y.-britstyle BEGINNERS' COURSE" by Syrinx! But hey guys, please don't start a pronounciation war, or this thread might become longer than the screenies' thread!
  3. I got a problem here guys, it's probably my system's fault but it came out while installing the patch so I'm gonna post it here: While installing the ODS patch, all of a sudden my HDD started making some wild sounds (like the infamous clic of death) and I had to reboot manually. After a consistent number of these abrupt stops, I managed to install the patch by manually copying the required files in multiple attempts (e.g. first weapons decals and groundobjects, then UI and everything else, then aircraft from letter A to E...that sorta things) and succesfully merging the GUNDATA and WEAPONDATA. Now the patch sits in my install but the game won't work: when I start a campaign or even select single mission in the main screen, the game just goes to a black screen with the same old wild sounds coming from the HDD, and there's nothing I can do but to reboot via the power button.. Based on my experiences, I can deduce it's an HDD data access problem, but the funny thing is that everything else I have in that partition works just fine, it's a WOE problem only. I should add that this is my only WOE install, an enormous merge of various mods that always proved to work fine, even when I added ODS to it. Anybody knows if there's a way out of this issue, or anybody had any similar problems with the ODS patch? Thanks in advance for your time, guys! Hope to get this thing sorted out, I feels just painful...
  4. Hello everyone, I got a problem with the nuke effects, they don't appear, both air bursting and ground bursting weapons. What may be wrong? I'm using Enhanced Explosions 2.01 and a merging between the new 2.52 community pack and my old one.... I tried installing Enhanced Exps 3, but no joy either! Thanks in advance!
  5. Is it just me or this resembles the Macross Plus' YF-19 Excalibur quite a lot? :blush2: However, wonderful job Blackbird, keep it coming man, this'll be a great addition to the what-if scenarios....Feels like something coming straight out of Ace Combat....Lovely......
  6. Now, I disappeared for a while but I come back and see lots of juicy stuff! Amazing work Grinch, can't wait to see it on my HD! Keep it coming, and feel free to ask for anything you may need!
  7. Hello to the aforementioned people, I have a upper-beta mod representing the Turbokat from the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon Swat Kats, which uses parts from the Mirage Factory's F-14 and Typhoid's F-14D mod. I therefore request permission to release such beta-stage aircraft in a package including the whole aircraft folder and the original F-14D readme by Typhoid, which also contains the authors' list for the original TMF mod. I hereby attach a copy of my readme's Copyright disclaimer for you to check. In case you want to grant me permission for the release, please suggest me any edits I should perform: --- COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE: Copyright notes for the TMF F-14A and F-14D mods are in the enclosed original readme. Skin, loadout and hangar screens by me (hide86). This package MAY contain copyrighted material. This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition. See the original readme documentation (if any) for further allowances and restrictions about editing and redistribution. --- Waiting for your kind reply and thanking you all, My best Regards!
  8. Alright, Typhoid kindly accepted, now waiting for Dave and Column5...
  9. How did YOU end up here at combatace?

    I stumbled here while suddenly discovering the existence of a Tomcat for the just acquired WOV; but the really shockin' piece of news was that the bird was available in a wonderful macross zero finish! XD I looked around and found out a place called CombatAce.com......mmmmmmh.....let's check this out..... might be interesting....... Well, I'm still here bothering you all.....and it's been wonderful so far! Thank you everybody, this place is one of the examples of how a great community should work! Now, let's go with some better storytellers, c'mon!....:) See you!
  10. Joining U.S. Navy as a foreigner

    Hello everybody, I know there's lots of american soldiers here at CA, well I got a question for you: is it possible for a foreign (in this case italian) student to apply for the AOC school in Pensacola? I was considering the idea of enlisting to become a pilot for U.S. Navy, since I heard that Annapolis' Naval Academy has foreign students, but I don't really know that much about the AOC school and the path to apply for it. Furthermore, what's the maximum allowed age for AOC school (I'm currently 22, 23 next May)? I know these may just be stupid questions, but I thank you all in advance for your patience! Cheers!
  11. Joining U.S. Navy as a foreigner

    I'm currently 22, I'll be 23 next May! Thanks for the info, Fallenphoenix, I see we're the same age! You know, I still don't understand why an Air Force would limit to 23 while a Naval Aviation (like FAA) would set 26, I just can't get it :D
  12. Joining U.S. Navy as a foreigner

    Well, I already applied for Italian Air Force Academy, I had my first pilot grade on SF-260 prop trainers but I was dismissed because of number redundancy (61 allowed, I was 62nd...), then the following year I tried again but despite being considered suitable, my maths degree at the military exam wasn't high enough...Now I'm out of the maximum allowed age for both regular AF pilots and Navy pilots, my only chance would be as a AUPC (AUPC course, complementary pilots), but they're not starting the selection again for funding problems (last government raped the Defence of much of its money, so they're putting top priority on vehicle updates and acquisitions rather than on personnel...). I'll try and do some more research, maybe emailing the Navy directly. Thank you so much guys, CA is invaluable as always!
  13. Welcome Home EricJ

    Welcome back and thank you for your service, sir! Glad to hear you're safe and sound, we'll never thank you and your comrades enough! See you soon at VNAO by VF-14's "Camelot-4" Arkady!
  14. Hi everybody, do any of you know if I can export my FSX registry and installation data from my current OS (Vista 32) to another partition's registry (namely XP or 7 beta), in order to run the sim in both OS's? I'd like to see if XP or 7beta, with their lower resource consumption, would allow me to gain some FPS, but without reinstalling the whole thing on the new partition. Thanks in advance!
  15. Got it! They're lightin'up the sky! Thank you so much Fubar, you're invaluable as always!
  16. Not really Fubar, what do I need to do? Sorry for bothering, it's just makin' me go crazy! Thanks for your help!

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