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Vietnam 1984 Quick Update

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Vietnam 1984 Quick Update

This updates the Vietnam 1984 campaign for WOV to the latest patches: SP051506a and P083006. Both patches can be found at the Thirdwire site www.thirdwire.com


simply place in your Vietnam 1984 installation.


1. You must have a seperate WOV installation for this campaign.


2. Make sure you patch the WOV install to the latest released patches mentioned above.


3. Then install the all inclusive Vietnam 1984 campaign (215MB file) found at www.combatace.com


4. Install the latest weapons pack.


5. Then install this quick update.





I include the original Vietnam 1984 description below:






Vietnam 1984:

The Vietnam War ended in a stalemate a decade ago. North Vietnam has taken the opportunity, of the prolonged cease fire, to build up its ground and air forces.

The Soviet Union has recently taken an active role in mobilizing fighter regiments for the VPAF and the potential of the Soviet union adding actual ground troops to the area is now a reality.

The uneasy temporary peace comes to an end. The Reagan administration Withdraws the United States from the decade long diplomatic process. On December 18th 1984 the coalition starts a 2 week air offensive against North Vietnamese targets.



To install the mod simply place the folders that are inside the zip file in your WOV directory and say yes to overwrite the files.





This Vietnam 1984 campaign mod requires a separate install of WOV. It Includes over 20 different flyable planes and units for the following (proper skins included when possible):



94th TFS 'Hat in the Ring' F-15C

53rd TFS 'NATO Tigers' F-15C

4th TFS 'Fightin' Fujins'F-16A

34th TFS 'Fighting Rams' F-16A

561st TFS 'Wild Weasels' F-4E

77th TFS 'Gamblers' F-111F



VF-2 'Bounty Hunters' F-14A

VA-75 'Sunday Punchers' A-6E

VA-87 'Golden Warriors' A-7E

VFA-113 'Stingers' F-18A

VF-301 'Devil's Disciples' F-4SL

VF-143 'Pukin Dogs' F-14A



VMFA-542 'Tigers' AV-8C

VMFA-314 "Black Knights" F-18A



NO 74 Squadron 'Tigers' F-4J



3rd Squadron RAAF Mirage III



522nd Fighter Squadron F-5E Tiger II



238th IAP Mig-29A

241st IAP Mig-23M

243rd IAP SU-15F



1/921st "Sao Do" FR Mig-21MF

1/925th "Lam Son"FR Mig-19 (IRM)

1/923rd "Yen The"FR Mig-17F



This campaign was tested using NORMAL settings for campaign difficulty. Single misisons should work but all of them are not guaranteed as the campaign is what has been tested.


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Good to see you back MK2!


What has changed since the 1st iteration of WoV84?


It has been a while since I flew this one, a very, very good one!

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Thanks, MK2.


I'm wondering if you could tell us what is upgraded, fix, added?


I have a working install of WOV 1984, already, BIG fun, and just wondered what your upgrade changes.


Thanks, again!

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I've only taken a cursory glance at the update, here's my finding:


Soviet weapons updated from AA- to R- designation, compatible with latest weapons pack now, changed for aircrafts and campaign

Various updates to DRV aircraft flight models

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Hi there!

As I got WoV, I'm enjoying this campaign.


Some thought: is it WAD that Aussies Mirages do not have drop tanks?

- my MiG 29's are very, very, very sluggish... Not even supersonics

- The postcombustion flame of the MiG-23 is not there.

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Hi all.

I have managed to install and get this campaign working. However, I do not have any surface to air missles or AAA.


I found the Strike Fighters 1 object mod that someone mentioned might fix this, but it did not work for me.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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