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What is happening!?!?!?!

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I do not know whats happening but after installing the Wepons Pack whene ver i start WOE and click Single Mission or Campaign (The only oens i tried ATM) The screen goes black.


Other addosn i have are as followed


- A-team P-3C (With RAAF AP-3C Textures)


- Typhoid F-14D




- Explosive Effects 2 (And Flare Fix)


-Truc Lo's RNZAF A-4K


- gbreuder's B-52D and B-52F Big Belly


- Del's C-130J-30 V2.0 RAAF


- USAFMTL's F-16 Blk 10


- YF-23 by Del


- USAMTL's new F/A-18A Hornet


- Charles' Mirage IIIO RAAF


- Typhoids Mig-29C


- SU-27 US by Falcon161


Whats happening???

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Sounds like a possible weapondata.dat issue.


You must use the current version of the Weapon Editor to save the weapondata.ini, which will create a new and compatible weapondata.dat.

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I got the 03July06 version. Any link to a new one???


Also i do have the latest parch



No new Weapons Pack. But did you install the pack first or install planes first?

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Yeah i installed the planes first.... :mellow:

Might not necessarily be a weapons issue, because in most cases even if you do not install the proper weapons pack, you can fly the planes (you just won't have any weapons in your loadout.)

Sounds like an avionics, DX, or graphics issue.


Do this first


Make sure you have the latest version of DX installed.

Make sure you are patched up to the latest version of the game. (from a clean install)

Then install the latest weapons pack

then install the planes.


If you have already done all of that, turn your graphics settings down to low in game (also disable shadows) and see if you can launch.

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Actually i re-installed and installed the Weps pack and currently insatllign the planes and EE2 and i tested it (Nukes on the B-58 RULE!!!) and it is workign fine and fun :boxing:

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