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Ju-87D and G models?

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Hi, all. I am curious. How feasible would it be in modifying Pasko's Ju-87B stuka into the d and g versions after getting proper permission to to do so. Is it possible to do with this model or would a d and g have to be a model done from scratch. i noticed his g was in the works but i guess it never materialized. I do know the D had addtional armor and the addition of cannons in the wings instead of the b's machine guns. Bombload was hevier I believe. The G has the 37mm anti-tank gun. The R version is simply a b with extra fuel tanks.

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We'd just need to proper models (ie: shapes) for the underwing gunpods. The existing one's we have, for the HS-129 (?) are just a bit too big.


Adding armour is a simple data ini text edit, as is adding the gunpods themselves via that and the loadout ini.


You can always release it like I've done...everything but the LODs (all inis, skin, decals, etc)...


Edward was fiddling with something along those llines last year, when he was thinking about an Eastern Front map.



kevin stein

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