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I just wanted to say to Baltika what a great joy I experienced having down loaded and installed his WWII sound pack. Not only is it a real improvement over the default sounds for this era ( suits my dedicated WWII instal a treat ) but also took me back to those wonderful EAW days before I upgraded and lost the sim a few years back.


Thanks again Baltika and keep up these sound mods it makes such a difference to the flying immersion.


Great stuff and I recommend it all those prop heads who have the WWII installation. :good::good:

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yeah, its a deja vu to hear "This is Tophat controll!!" in the earphones.

I would also like to hear "Hier ist Loki Bodenkontrolle!" everywhen.

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Thanks very much for the vote of thanks, guys, glad you are enjoying the speech mod :good:


Gepard, like you I would love to hear German speech in German planes - the files are all there in EAW and Jane's WW2 F, but I have to say the task of transferring them all over to SFP1 format is really long and tedious, plus my German is rather rusty these days so I would be reliant on the file codes being the same for each phrase. I will pick away at it when I get the chance, but right now I want to finish off & release some long-promised campaign mods which are sitting on my hard drive not quite ready to go:-


North Africa Campaign (for Edward's excellent eponymous terrain)

Burning Sands WW2 (update to Burning Sands '44, it's a biggie, but creating an install file is d*mn hard work)

BoB v0.61 (of course :biggrin: Wrench has produced some excellent BoB skins since v0.60, so I need to add extra squadrons)


Plus a couple of post-WW2 campaigns *gasp* for Major Lee's excellent America NW terrain - although I may have to throw in an Eastern Front campaign on that terrain just for the fun of it.


Of course, actually flying the sim now and then would be nice, too :wink::biggrin::wink:





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