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How to use my F15 skins

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It seems I have caused some confusion with my uploads of F15 skins so I am going to try to repair the Damage.


First of all these skins are to be used with the F15C and F15E models downloadable from the Add-on aircraft section of Combat Ace which were created by Wpnssgt , I don't know if they'll work with any of the amendments to these files.


Secondly I said that skins for the F15C could be used with the F15E model but I didn't explain the method for doing this , so (hopefully) this will explain what needs to be done.


O.k. say you want to use the F15C Desert skin on the F15E.


1st. you create a folder in the Objects/Aircraft/F15E folder of WoE , name this folder Desert.

Next copy ALL the files from any of your F15E skin folders (including the Decal folder) to your new F15E/Desert folder.


Next , assuming you already have an F15C Desert skin installed , you must copy the files F15C-01 , F15C-02 and Texture Set to anywhere convenient (NOT a skin folder please) and change the names to F15E-01 and F15E-02 . DON'T rename Texture Set.


You then copy the 3 files (including Texture Set) into your F15E/Desert folder replacing files when asked.


You then need to copy the contents of Texture Set into the F15E configuration settings in the F15E folder and renumber to the next in sequence , so that if it's the 3rd skin in this folder it becomes Texture Set 003.


Save all changes , load up WoE and you should be able to choose a nice Desert skin for your Strike Eagle missions.


I hope you can all understand this explanation , I think it's easier to do than explain , but then I've done it before.

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Not to be a jackass, or twist a knife, but all this should have been stated in the original readmes.


From my stickied post, in the General Discussions Fourm, Just A Reminder People: Check Mods Before Uploading


1) Readme files:

My personal peeve....

Writing a detailed, easy to follow instruction sheet is not as hard as it sounds. There are plenty of examples out there to work off of. Make sure the end user knows just what to do, how to do it and why. Any and all specific instruction should be included; ie: how to add a new weapon, or transfer files from another similiar mod, installing a cockpit, etc

Make sure your point-of-contact (email addy) is included, or where else you can be found 'hanging out' (like the Forums here)


Remember, it's like those tests the State gives (or schools for that matter); use the lowest common demoniator; keep it simple and easy to understand, while being detailed and conscise.


Keep up the good work! :good:



kevin stein

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